Solo Travel To Paraguay – Asuncion Destination Guide

Discover the places to go in Paraguay, what activities are worth doing and where to eat using this 3 -day solo travel to Paraguay destination guide.

Given my return visit to Brazil for work and my secret desire to reach 70 countries visited by end of year, I did what I do best, I looked at the map to see what countries were near that I had yet to explore.

From the map, I decided on Paraguay. I didn’t know much about Paraguay and very little information is available for tourists. I was stoked to learn, create my own perspective of Paraguay and create content for travelers interested in seeing Paraguay for themselves.

Asuncion and Paraguay is less tourist, which meant I was able to relax and be more flexible with plans. The capital of Asuncion is the best city to explore in Paraguay, if you are limited on time. Here you will be able to see colonial architecture mixed with sky rise buildings and learn about the countries traditions. The city is safe and quite compared to other Latin American countries I have travelled too as a solo female traveler.

I suggest combining this country with another big country when you visit South America. I can’t wait to have you create your own perspective of Paraguay, its friendly people and spread the word.

Solo Travel To Paraguay Table Of Contents

Solo Travel To Paraguay - Girl Takes Mundo

Plan Your Solo Travel To Paraguay Visit



WayAwayPalmaroga HotelVIATOR

Where To Stay In Asuncion Paraguay


Palmaroga Hotel is the place to stay in Asuncion while visiting. Staff were very friendly and the hotel itself is beautiful. Amenities include a rooftop pool, decent fitness center and breakfast is included in the cost of your room rate. Rates are reasonable as Paraguay is a budget friendly country, so feel like you are splurging on accommodation without breaking the bank.

Getting Around Paraguay


Thankfully for solo travelers, Uber does operate in the city of Asuncion. As a solo traveler who always steers in the safe side, I would recommend using Uber. You will know how much your journey will cost, who is driving, etc. Something to note from my experience using Uber in Asuncion is that you may have to wait a bit for drivers. Additionally, a feature available here is that you may pay your driver in cash.

Top Tip:

Uber drivers may be interested in becoming your private driver if you want to visit multiple places. Just ask! It’s what I did when I asked my driver taking me to Aregua if he would consider sticking around to drive me back into the city. He ended up showing me around the city for a 1/2 day.

Solo Travel To Paraguay – 5 Things To Do

1. Loma San Jeronimo 

This neighborhood is famous for pastel-colored houses, murals that paint the quite neighborhood and several cozy cafes and artisan shops. While I didn’t visit at night, the few guides written about Asuncion say to avoid in the evenings. I can;t see why anyone would visit at night as they wouldn’t be able to appreciate the neighborhood at night.

2. Aregua 

The city of Aregua is known as the “City of Strawberries” due to its strawberry farms. It is where the Castillo Carlota Palmerola is which was once a medieval castle. Today, it is a nunnery. It is open to the public on Sundays only & the entrance price is 10.000Gs. While in Aregua, be sure to also visit Ypacarai lake and see the colonial architecture in the buildings of this town.

3. Paseo Carmelitas

A short 20-30 minute drive will bring you to Paseo Carmelitas. This outdoor complex has lively bars and restaurants located in the upscale Carmelitas neighborhood. The best days to visit Paseo Carmelitas is during the weekends if you want to a more lively experience.

4. Playa de la Costanera 

Costanera de Asuncion is a famous promenade where locals often come around sunset and hang out along the shores of Paraguay River. While the name would indicate this is a beach, do no attempt to enter the water as it is very contaminated. For those seeking the beach, head to Encarnacion, this is where tourists and locals alike will bask in some real beach fun.

5. Avenida Palma 

Regardless of time of day, Avenida Palma is lively and safe. Avenida Palma is where popular bars and restaurants with gardens can be found. The gardens are the best place to slow down and sit with a cold drink in the evenings. During the day, you will find stalls selling souvenirs, equipment for preparing terere and small plazas. The National Secretary of Tourism is also a good place to find souvenirs.

Check out

  • National Pantheon of Heroes
  • Palacio de Lopez
  • Catedral Metropolitana
  • Centro Cultural Manzana de la Rivera


Other Top Tours & Activities Offered By Viator

Places To Skip In Asuncion

  • PLAZA DE ARMAS – Plaza de Armas is where you will find many homeless people.
  • Market 4 – The movie “7 cajas” was entirely shot within the local market and many guides suggest a visit here. Admittedly, I didn’t see the attraction here. The market feels like it takes up the whole neighborhood and offers you the traditional market/manic vibes. Yet, even in the manic Market 4, I felt safe. Even locals thought I was out of place and I did feel like it myself.

What Else Is There To Visit In Paraguay

  • Basilica of Caacupe – A day trip visit to this small town located one hour 1/2 away from Asuncion will offer more nature. Highlights include visiting the charming basilica and hiking “Christ the King Hill”.
  • ENCARNACION – Looking for an escape from the city and want to enjoy the beach. A 6 hour drive from Asuncion will bring you to the perfect place to do this.
  • Saltos Del Monday – These Landscape waterfalls are worth visiting if you have extra days in Paraguay.

What To Eat in Paraguay

  • Terere – A traditional cold-brewed herbal drink similar to mate. [Do note that this is difficult for tourist to try and it’s not recommended to try by street vendors as you are unsure of the water they are using. You may walk in Asuncion to Plaza de la Independencia and rent all the necessary equipment to enjoy refreshing Terere if it’s a must on your list.]
  • Chipa Bread – Bread made with manioc, egg, and cheese.
  • Paraguayan Soup – A huge spongy cake made with corn.
  • Pastel mandi’o – Delicious snack made from corn flour, cassava (yuca) and a stuffing usually prepared with beef.
  • Mbeju – Starch cake that has existed since the 18th century with its origins lying with the indigenous Cario-Guarani people that lived in the Asunción. 
  • Pajagua mascada – Traditional deep-fried patty with mashed minced meat and scallions.
  • Empanadas – Popular pasty filled snack that is available both in restaurants and street vendors throughout the city.

Top Eats In Asuncion

For a good place for breakfast and lunch, visit Lido Bar. Their juices are tasty and fresh.

For dinner check out Bolsi which is a cool dinner style eatery and El Bodegon for Paraguayan delicacies.

Grab a drink in the outdoor pop up bars that set up on street corners blasting music. What better way to people watch and part-take in a street party.

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