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Beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel, may not have been the words to describe this war-torn country during their years of war. The war may be why tourists hesitate to visit when exploring Balkans, but there is a lot more to discover from this inspiring and enchanting country.

My intentions when visiting was to debunk my ideas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More importantly, to learn first hand the history of this former war-torn country, directly from its people and places. The history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is complicated but through my travels, I fell in love with the culture and the resilience the people have to restore the country while never forgetting its past.

Make Bosnia and Herzegovina, your next travel destination and use this 4-day itinerary loaded with the best places to visit, what to eat and where to stay in Mostar and Sarajevo.

Plan Your Visit


Rent A CAR


Bosnia And Herzegovina Trip Itinerary

4 Day Trip : 2 days in Mostar, 2 days in Sarajevo

Bosnia And Herzegovina Travel Tips

Cash is king, Euro is accepted by most businesses in Mostar but not anywhere else including Sarajevo. Tourist establishments may accept credit cards. Simply ask in advance.
Ziraat Bank atm’s are the preferred bank to take out cash as they do not charge fees. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina is safe to travel to. 

Bosnia And Herzegovina Travel Questions

Is it safe to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina?Bosnia and Herzegovina is a safe country to visit as a tourist. As with any city you visit, just be aware of possible pickpockets.
How many days do you need to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina?4 days in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a good amount of time to enjoy the country. Many tourists do day trips to Mostar from Croatia. I would advise to stay longer and explore some of the other beautiful cities in the country.
Is Bosnia and Herzegovina cheap?Bosnia and Herzegovina is another budget friendly country in Eastern Europe. Private accommodation for 2 people is about $25 USD and meals at about $10 – $15 USD per person.
What is the best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina?The best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina is May, June and September as July and August can be quite hot. I visited during the month of May and would highly recommend given the perfect temperature.
What language do they speak in Bosnia and Herzegovina?Bosnian is the main language spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina but do keep in mind that due to the mixed population, you may hear other Slavic languages. As always, many tourist locations will have English speaking staff.

Getting Around

🚗 Car – Since we did a 3-week trip through the Balkans, we opted to rent a car using Qeeq. 

Super easy to book, collect and drop off at our final destination which was not the original pick up point. 

Driving Tips:

  • You will not need a cross-border insurance card (green card as the locals will call it) when you pass customs but if it is requested do know that it should be 40 EUR for 15 days and good for all European countries including Greece. 
  • Bosnian and Herzegovinans seem to be easy to drive with and you shouldn’t have any issue driving with them unlike their friends in Albania and North Macedonians. 

🚗 Bus – Public transport such as buses to get you to other cities in the country are available. Speak to your hotel / hostel for times and how to best book. 

What To Eat

  • Cevapi – Bosnia’s national dish. A sausage with raw onions and sour cream. (Usually comes with “Somun”, which is a Bosnian pita.) 
  • Klepe – A Bosnian dumpling filled with either meat or cheese. 
  • Dolma – Bosnia dolma stuffed with meat or rice into eggplants, zucchini or bell peppers.
  • Sataras – A veggy lovers dream typically found in Sarajevo. Slow-cooked vegetables in a stew with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.
  • Pljeskavica – A meat patty served in a flatbread with onions, relish and a cheese salad.
  • Raki – Traditional Alcoholic Beverage.
  • Hurmasica – Sweet biscuit soaked in sugar water. 
  • Tufahija – Apple boiled in sugar with whipped cream and walnuts. Be like the locals and pair this with Bosnian coffee.
  • Bosnian coffee – An integral part of the culture, it comes black with either a cube of sugar or a sweet side.  

Where I Went


A top attraction when visiting the Balkans.


  • Hostel Dino – Centrally located, super clean, reasonably priced and safe. $20 USD for a private double room with a shared bathroom. 


  • Cafe de Alma – Embrace the coffee culture in Bosnia and Indulge is Bosnian coffee 
  • Food House Mostar – Delicious traditional cuisine with plenty of vegetarian options 
  • Ćevabdžinica Cernica – Affordable, delicious and authentic Bosnian fast food.


  • Sheva’s Original Free Walking Tour of Mostar – A must do! Our guide, “Ševko” is simply amazing, super informative, passionate about his city and a local celebrity.
  • Stari Most – Iconic old bridge 
  • Watch a traditional bridge jump
  • Sniper tower 
  • Neretva River – Tip: Do as the locals and only take a plunge where you see locals swimming as they know the safest areas. 
  • Old Town / Mostar’s Old Bazar Kijundziluk
  • Walk around the city and appreciate/ remember the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina by seeing the buildings that have remained from the war. 
  • Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque – The best place for 360 views of Mostar. $4.50 USD pp.
Day Trips From Mostar
  • Blagaj – [20 min drive] A monastery in a cliff on the Buna river.
  • Kravice Waterfalls – [1 hour drive] Enjoy the Herzegovina side of the country and visit this beautiful waterfall.


Known as the European Jerusalem.


Hostel Franz Ferdinand – Hostel with a great atmosphere and super friendly staff $12 USD for a bed in a 4 person dorm with en-suite bathroom or $30 USD private with shared bathroom.




  • Sebilj Fountain – Wood fountain in the center of Baščaršija.
  • Baščaršija – Landmark market offering many historic and religious buildings, bazaar style shopping and traditional dining.
  • Sarajevo War Tunnel – Also known as the “Tunnel of hope” was build and used during sieges in the Bosnian war. $5.25 USD pp.
  • Old town – Another way to appreciate the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is simply by walking around the city and seeing the buildings. 
  • Museum of the XIV Olympic Games 
  • Gradska trznica Markale 
  • Cable Car – Great views of the city with various hike trails from the top of the hill. $10.50 USD pp round trip.
  • Abandoned Olympic Bobsled track – short walk from the top of the cable car. 

Day tours help you to see various cities in a country.

See the “Top 10” tours offered by Viator in Bosnia and Herzegovina HERE.

Want to discover where else you can visit in the Balkans?

Girl Takes Mundo at Komani Lake Albania

See my Travel Guide Section for tips and recommendations for other bordering countries from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Learn how to get there, where to stay, eat and what to do!

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  1. My trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina was a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The people were incredibly welcoming and hospitable, which made the trip all the more enjoyable.

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