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WHY VISITing serbia is a must

What does an authentic local experience visiting Serbia look like?

  • Grand buildings and lively nightlife in Belgrade
  • Art nouveau architecture in Subotica
  • Natural scenery with quiet towns in Tara National Park and…
  • Wine glasses that are not half full or half empty, but rather, always full in Sremski Karlovci

Serbia was not what I envisioned. I feel embarrassed to admit that a part of me was still searching for the country that most resembled Eastern Europe, painted by Hollywood. It was not Serbia, and it was not any country in Eastern Europe.

Whatever type of vacation you want to experience, visiting Serbia will provide it. So why not take the chance, plan the visit and explore Serbia for yourself.

Book your Serbia 5-day trip using this unique itinerary.


5 Day Trip

  • 1 day in Mokra Gora (Tara National Park)
  • 2 days in Belgrade
  • 2 days in Subotica*

*Disclaimer: Found Subotica underwhelming based on other bloggers recommendations and would have opted for a quick lunch stopover, if driving from Hungary to Belgrade.

ITINERARY Recommendation

Opt for a full day tour to Sremski Karlovci & Novi Sad and use the extra day to visit Orsova in the south of Belgrade. 


Cash is king but most businesses and tourist establishments do accept credit cards.
Serbian Dinar is the currency used in Serbia.
Serbia is safe to visit and you should not have any issues while traveling here.


How many days are enough for Serbia?To thoroughly visit Serbia, I would recommend a full week trip broken down to;
– 2 days in Northern Serbia
– 2 days in Belgrade
– 2 days in Southern Serbia

Have less time or do you have a long weekend in Serbia?
Then, I recommend basing yourself in Belgrade and doing a day trip to Northern Serbia and another day trip to Southern Serbia.
Is Serbia cheap for tourists?Serbia falls in the category of cheap destinations to visit in Europe. Budget-friendly, but still a big city, with lots of potential if you do want to splurge.
Is Serbia good for tourists?While Serbia did not rank on top of the list from the countries I visited in the Balkans, I did find the Tara National Park and Southern part of the country very beautiful. If looking for a cheap vacation with plenty of activities to do, then I suggest you see Serbia.
What language do they speak in Serbia?Serbian is the official language spoken and English is widely spoken here.

the best way to travel IN SERBIA

We did a 3-week trip through the Balkans, and opted to rent a car. It was very easy to book online, collect at the airport and drop off at our final destination, which was not the original pick up point. 

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Driving TIPS
You will not need a cross-border insurance card (green card as the locals will call it) when you pass customs but if it is requested do know that it should be 40 EUR for 15 days and good for all European countries including Greece. 
Serbian drivers aren’t the best drivers or either the worst drivers we’ve seen in the Balkans so as always drive with caution.  
Serbia does offer a Toll road system which cuts travel time to most major cities for those hoping to save on time for a few Euros.
Public transport and buses to get you to other cities in the country are available. Speak to your hotel / hostel for times and how to best book. 

BEST Activity TO Book IN serbia

Visiting Serbia - Wine Tour in Sremski Karlovci
Wine tour in Sremski Karlovci

Northern Serbia: Sremski Karlovci & Novi Sad with Wine Tasting in a cellar

Sremski Karlovci (1 hour drive from Belgrade) is a town filled with wineries for you to explore. They serve the typical local reds, rosés, and whites, but the actual star here is the Bermet; a spiced wine whose recipe is a closely guarded town secret.

Fun Fact
Bermet wine was served on the Titanic!

This day tour offers all the highlights of both Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad, is led by a professional guide offering more insight on visiting Serbia and includes a tasting at one of the top wine cellars in Sremski Karlovci.

Looking to explore more wineries during your visit? Check out

  • Bajilo Winery
  • Wine Cellar Probus
  • Cellar Veritas.

other top tours & activities offered by VIATOR in SERBIA

What is there to see in SERBIA



  • San Art Floating Hostel – A great option for couples or travelers in pairs. This unique accommodation sits on the Danube river with stunning river views, an excellent breakfast included in cost and staff that go above and beyond, to make you feel at home.
  • El Diablo Hostel – Small hostel in the Skadarlija neighborhood. If you are visiting Serbia – Belgrade during the weekend and want peace and quiet, this is not the hostel for you. Also, the 6 bed mixed accommodation does not have AC but the 8 bed mixed room does. Save your pennies and sweat, by booking the 8 bed room. 

Visit / Do

  • Free Belgrade Tour – Every day at 10.30am and 2pm. Reservation required! Meeting point: Republic Square. 
  • Nightlife – Visit the district of Savamala, as well as the popular river clubs that work until the morning hours.
  • Zemun – This is the town across the river of Belgrade. Expect to see Baroque style churches and short and colorful houses. 
  • Belgrade Fortress – Great view overlooking the city and Danube river. 
  • Skadarlija – Bohemian neighborhood popular with locals and tourists alike filled with bars and restaurants. 


  • Traveling Actor – Local cuisine in the popular Skadarlija neighborhood 
  • La Taqueria – A tasty alternative to local cuisine. I highly recommend the Chili Michelada. 
  • Sapore Sladoled – Delicious gelato and a fantastic spot to unwind and people watch.


  • Zappa Barka – Fun flaring club along the river Danube. The night we visited was Latin night, so naturally I really enjoyed my time. (Entrance fee – 200 RSD)


(2 hour drive from Belgrade using toll road) – This city is full of art nouveau buildings, from Synagogues to Churches to Palaces. Even the local library is a colorful dreamscape. If you love color, interesting buildings, quaint towns, or a mix of the three, then you’re sure to fall in love with this endearing city!  

Most pair a visit to Lake Palic with Subotica. It’s right outside of town and the best time to visit is at sunset. 


  • Apartmani Maximus – Spacious studio apartment in the city center with hospitable hosts.  


  • Bates – A must try in Subotica, this restaurant offers delicious Balkan and Hungarian dishes. 
  • Langos – Great lunch option for a quick Hungarian junk food treat centrally located in the town square.


  • Burek – Popular filo pastry. filled with minced meat, cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, and spinach commonly eaten for breakfast.
  • Goulash – While this is a typical Hungarian dish given the proximity of Hungary and Serbia, you will find this tasty beef stew served with noodles at various Serbian restaurants. 
  • Kajmak & Ajavar – Two popular spreads used on bread, meat and potatoes.
  • Proja – Serbian cornbread
  • Prebranac – Simple vegetarian Serbian meal, made of baked white beans with onions, bay leaves, and paprika.
  • Djuvec – Meat and vegetable casserole often with rice.
  • Barbecue meats – Serbians love meat and many menus will offer meat platters of various meats with potatoes, sauces and basic greens.
  • Muckalica – Barbecued meats with vegetables baked in a clay pot.
  • Baklava – Dessert dating back to the Ottoman Empire 
  • Rakija – rich and sweet alcoholic drink with the more favorite varieties being plum and honey. 

Want to discover where else you can visit in Europe?

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See my FREE Destination Guides Section for tips and recommendations for other bordering countries from Serbia including Bosnia & Herzegovina. Learn how to get there, where to stay, eat and what to do!


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