10+ Things to See and Do in Bucharest Romania


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Bucharest is called small Paris and they do have their own Arc de Triumph, but there is nothing small about Bucharest or Romania, as there is plenty of things to see and do in Romania.

In the short time I was in Romania, I knew instantaneously that I needed to return. There is so much available for a tourist, that limiting yourself to Bucharest means you could be missing out on some serious culture and sights in this country.

In this Romania travel blog, I will focus on Bucharest Romania, as I spent a big portion of my trip here, but first, let’s give you the details you need on Romania Tourism.

Consider this the first version to my Romania Destination Guide, as I do plan to return to explore more.



  • 3 days in Bucharest
  • 1 day in Craiova – Disclaimer: If you are not driving between Serbia to Bucharest, I would recommend skipping Craiova and visiting some of the other suggested cities shared in “Itinerary Recommendation” below.

Opt for a full week and consider including a visit to the following cities in Romania. (Psst, it’s places I want to explore when I return to Romania.) 


Money Accepted: Most establishments do accept credit cards but always have a bit of cash available for outdoor vendors, etc. 
Safety in Romania: Romania is safe to visit.
Friendly To Tourists: Romania is friendly to tourist. It’s not surprising to see locals and tourists co-mingle in the same bars and restaurants.
Costs To Visit: For tourists, Romania is cheap to visit compared to bigger European cities. Dinner for 2 with drinks in a mid range restaurant will go for $17-20 USD per person.
Length Of Stay: If you only want to visit Bucharest and a couple cities, I would recommend a week and 2 weeks, if you want to really explore the country.

the best way to travel IN ROMANIA

We did a 3-week trip through Eastern Europe, and opted to rent a car. It was easy to online book, collect at the airport and drop off at our final destination. (Which was not the original pick up point.)

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Driving TIPS
You will not need a cross-border insurance card (green card as the locals will call it) when you pass customs but if it is requested do know that it should be 40 EUR for 15 days and good for all European countries including Greece. 
Romanians seem to be easy to drive with and you shouldn’t have any issue driving with them.
Public transport and buses to get you to other cities in the country are available. Speak to your hotel / hostel for times and how to best book or have a look HERE for options.



see / do
  • The Old Town
  • Arcul de Triumf (Arch of Triumph)
  • Herastrau Park
  • Stavropoleos Church 
  • Palace of the Parliament – AKA the largest building in Bucharest.
  • Piata Unirii – Best time to visit fountain is at night for its fountain show.
  • Walkabout Free Tours – “Story of Bucharest” tour runs daily. Book in advance and if lucky, you will get Elena, who is a fantastic storyteller and also a traveling aficionado. 
  • Calea Victoriei – The oldest street in the city with Bucharest’s most famous spots.
  • Carturesti Carusel – Bank turned Instagramable bookshop.
  • Manuc’s Inn – Doubles as a restaurant but the history behind this place makes it a must visit while in Bucharest 
discover beyond bucharest USING VIATOR
  • Linea / Closer To The Moon – Best place to enjoy the sunset and see the city from this terrace. 
  • Caru’ cu bere – Enjoy traditional cuisine at the oldest beer house. Tip: Eat inside to truly take in the glory of this stunning restaurant. 
  • Manuc’s Inn – Visit this historical location/restaurant during lunch to take advantage of their lunch special which includes a starter, main, side and slaw salad. 
  • French Revolution – Bucharest is considered “little Paris” given its influence by France so checking out what is considered one of the best eclair shops in in Bucharest is perfectly acceptable. 
what to eat in romania
Papanasi de orasRomanian doughnuts with sweet cheese, sour cream and homemade jam.
Mamaliga cu branza si smantanaPolenta with cheese and sour cream.
Bors de fasoleSour bean soup.
Ciorbă de fasole, servită în pităBean soup with smoked pork, in a bread bowl.


Things to see and do in Bucharest Romania - Day TripThings to see and do in Bucharest Romania - Day TripThings to see and do in Bucharest Romania - Day Trip
While Craiova is not geared toward tourists, if visiting, you will find colorful architecture, various restaurant options and a nice park in the city center. Be sure to check out the old town while here.

If you are road tripping between Belgrade, Serbia to Bucharest, Romania then Craiova is a good option to stay overnight, since this breaks down the drive

Want to discover where else you can visit in EASTERN Europe?

Girl Takes Mundo in Belgrade

See my FREE Destination Guides Section for tips and recommendations for other bordering countries from Romania including Serbia. Learn how to get there, where to stay, eat and what to do!


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