Paris Attraction Map & Guide – 4 Days

This Paris attraction map & guide was created after various visits to Paris. Only the perfect guide would do. Especially this last visit, as it brought an eclectic group into the mix with various criteria including;

  • Kid Friendly
  • See the highlights in 4 days
  • Experience the French culture and not fully do tourist
  • Limited walking as we had a child and a child at heart (aka older adult)
  • Enjoyable for a family
  • A good balance of everything so adults could also have fun

While no easy feat given all the elements I had to consider for this 4 day visit to Paris, I knew I was the perfect person to make this trip a reality. Having the research, resources, experience and tools was key in creating the Paris attraction map and guide you see below.

Happy to report that aside from long lines and some Persians who really exhibit the Persian stereotype, it was a great trip filled with pretty sights, fun activities and yummy food and drinks.

4 Days Paris Attraction Map & Guide Table of Contents

Plan Your Visit

Use this complete Paris attraction map and guide and get all the travel information, tips and recommendations you need to plan your visit or return visit to this must see location.


Rent A CAR


Paris Trip Itinerary

Day-1: Montmartre, Pink MaMma for lunch, Eiffel Tower, Les Rupins for dinner.
Day-2: Carette for brunch/hot chocolate, Hop on / Hop Off Bus (full loop), Coffee at Shakespeare Cafe, Notre Dame, La Comete for dinner. 
Day-3: Boat tour, Pierre Herme for macaroons, Louvre Museum, Palais-Royal Garden, Bistrot Vivienne for dinner. 
Day-4: The Marche des Enfants Rouges, Champs Elysée, Arc de Triomphe. 

Where To Stay In Paris

  • Le Marais – On the pricier side but has Boutiques and such. 
  • Jardin du Luxembourg –  Nice
  • Canal st Martin – Hipster neighborhood for Paris
  • Gare du Nord – Rough
  • Montmatre – Charming area of the city but far from everything else and on a hill

I booked my accommodation HERE


Paris Must See

Louvre – Under 18 are free.

When visiting the museum, visit near opening or closing times. I found the Louvre less accessible than the musée d’Orsay so I’d recommend spending more time at the latter than the former. If you have time for more museums, would recommend musée Rodin (sculpture, including the thinker)

Eiffel Tower – Multiple options to get to the top including climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor. Book ahead or expect to wait 2 hours just to buy tickets.

Champs Elysees – Arc de triumph is here 

Notre Dame – Given the fire that occurred in Notre Dame, it’s not the sight it used to be and you will find construction around it but still worth seeing if here. 

The Marche des Enfants Rouges – Oldest market in Paris.

Paris Must Do Activities

For Paris activities, I highly recommend you buy tickets in advance. This will save you time waiting in line to buy tickets to then still have to wait in another line to enter, etc.

Paris Bundle Package – Bus, Cruise & Eiffel Tower

This is a hop-on/hop-off bus, guided Eiffel Tower visit and a 1-hour cruise. The 1-hour cruise does not have to happen on the same day.

Louvre Museum

As an FYI, Louvre tickets must be purchased in advance.

Castle Visit

A stunning château turned into a national monument and featured in many films including “The Man In The Iron Mask” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Walking Tour

Tip Based (English and Spanish available)

Food To Eat In Paris

  • French Hot ChocolateCarette or Angelina are good spots for it. 
  • French Onion Soup – Each restaurant makes it different so find your favorite 
  • Quiche – The perfect breakfast/brunch option
  • Escargots – Garlic snails (A true delicacy in France)
  • Baguettes / Croissants, etc – These bakery items are delicious anywhere, so no need to travel for them.
  • Steak Frites – Steak and fries

Tips For Eating In Paris

  • Make reservations ahead of time or expect long waits.Check “The Fork” / la forchette for bistros near where you’ll plan on being for dinner.
  • Try to avoid eating near Louvre/ Notre Dame as it’s overpriced and not good.
  • Dine at fancier places for lunch since it will be a lot cheaper. It’ll usually be 2/3 the price. 
  • For macarons, go for “Pierre Herme” as it is better than La durée”, but you can’t really sit in Pierre Herme.

4 Days Paris Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map

4 Days Paris Attraction Map & Guide

This handy google maps HERE lists the full location of restaurants, attractions, etc. including further tips in the notes section. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps.

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