Top Tips To Start Solo Traveling

Who’s ready to pull the trigger on solo traveling? 

Prior to going solo on my trips, I always felt like I was being held back waiting for the ✨’s to align for friends/family schedules, funds and travel destinations to match mine. 

I relied a lot on my sis, Karla for our travel escapades but I wanted more and her life unfortunately didn’t allow itself to satisfy my travel appetite. (P.S. I cant begin to thank her for my humble travel beginnings, travel experiences and travel lessons.)

My first solo trip was to Argentina & Uruguay after my sis had to bail last minute due to work. I was scared, almost bailed myself, couldn’t sleep the night prior to my flight but I DID IT!!!! Solo travel truly changed me and my life and 55+ countries later I have never looked back. 

I’ve grown in ways I never thought I could, the word #independent took a new meaning and I have even become more confident in myself.

Here’s my top 🤟🏽tips for #SoloTravel and how to travel alone for the first time so that you too can see your life transformed.

☝Start Small – 48 hours in a city, a weekend trip, a trip where you will only be able to see a familiar face for a small portion of your trip or arrive a day earlier / leave a day later from a group trip. Build your comfort levels up with solo traveling by starting small.

✌Plan Ahead – Create an itinerary of things you want to see, eat and do making it so that you’re spending your time doing and staying occupied opposed to being bored or feeling some way that your doing this trip “alone”. Need itinerary inspiration? Check out my travel guides HERE.

🤟🏽 Don’t Be Alone – The biggest misconception with solo travel is that you are alone. Completely the opposite! If you do a group tour or excursion, start chatting with people. Grab a drink or meal at a bar and start chatting with people sitting at the bar. Hang out in hotel/hostel lobbies and you guessed it, start chatting with people. You will be surprised the number of people who are also traveling solo or don’t mind having another person join their group and BAM💥!!! just like that, you will no longer be traveling solo. 

Have solo travel tips or advice of your own? Would love to hear them! Share your own solo travel advice in the comments below.👇

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