When your goal is to post about the country you visited prior and you are 2 countries behind as I am now trying to write about Slovenia in Ireland you start thinking to yourself,
1) I’m behind on a fake deadline I set for myself and yet still feel guilty as I’ve programmed myself to meet deadlines since school and then when joining the workforce feeling like I couldn’t miss deadlines as I was being compensated to finish said tasks on time
2) This must mean I was busy in said country in this case Sweden to not have set time aside to write and I shouldn’t feel guilty as isn’t that after all what I set out to do and why this #GirltakesMundo adventure even began (not to write in a website)
3) Question if anybody even reads this and if anyone but myself knows I’m behind.

Regardless, not writing about Slovenia and my time in Ljubljana and Lake Bled would be a disservice as these cities have a lot of personality, are yet not overly crowded with tourists but as my cab driver back to the airport mentioned are eager to attract more thus offering some great ways to spend your time here. Slovenia was a recommendation from a friend who has traveled quite a bit herself and raved that for a traveler like me and since I would be in Croatia I couldn’t miss. Since I had extra days to fill I figured I would make the trip and see what Slovenia had to offer.

For being a European country close to the bigger and more tourist visited European countries the prices are reasonable which is a plus for those traveling on a budget, trying to stretch their dollar or hoping to mix some more expensive countries with less expensive countries during their holiday.

For times sake and since I’m behind on a deadline 😉 and technically should be writing about Sweden I’ve decided to highlight my top 5 favorite things about Slovenia from my short time here.

Lake Bled – Just an hour outside of Ljubljana lies beautiful Lake Bled and with hourly departures from the Ljubljana bus station and back this makes for a perfect day trip. Come here to stroll along the beautiful lake and get views of the Julian Alps. Additionally if you have a sweet tooth and like trying desserts exclusive to places such as I do then don’t forget to make your way to Park Cafe for their original cream cake. It was a wonderful way to end my day in Lake Bled before returning back.

Hostel Celcia – It’s pretty awesome when the hostel you stay at in a city has a story of its own and that was the case for Hostel Celcia which was once a prison turned boutique hostel thanks to over 80 local and international artists who transformed the “celica’s” or “cells”. Can’t stay in the hostel or want to learn more about where you are staying? The hostel offers daily tours at 1pm but if you are like me and couldn’t make it to this tour the front desk will gladly let you check out the artist “cells” aka rooms that aren’t occupied as each is different as well as the small museum which shows an original cell on your own. My only disclaimer here is that while they say this is a good hostel for travelers to meet this didn’t feel like the case and they don’t go through with their nightly activities.

Friday Open Market – It’s no secret I love food so when you hear that every Friday in Ljubljana restaurants from around the city set up pop up shops to sell some of their popular dishes well it’s not a hard sell. Top it off with great music and the ability to drink at this market and you’ll have a girl like me going there for all of her meals of the day here. (True story)

Metelkova – This art neighborhood was a former military barrack transformed now into an art squat which includes tons of street art, graffiti covered buildings and at nights it houses some of the hippest bars and clubs in Ljubljana. It’s also right next to hostel Celcia which helps when trying to see as much as you can of a city in a short time.

Slovenian People – In Ljubljana I had an encounter with a young girl (no more than 16 years old). She saw me in the rain with no rain coat or umbrella walking back to my hostel and decided to walk me the 15 minutes I had left to go to get me to the hostel covering me with her umbrella and stay somewhat dry. This unselfish act of kindness by this beautiful stranger gives me hope with humanity but also blessed that I have someone above looking out for me.

I have to agree with my friend, Slovenia is surprisingly special, unique and despite being small for the 3 days I was there I still managed to miss things so consider yourselves warned.

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