Croatia I’m Speechless

I can’t begin to count the number of times during my visit to Croatia that I was left speechless. In the 7 days that I was in Croatia I did the most hopping around for my #GirltakesMundo tour thus far as I visited Split, Krka, Hvar, Palmižana and Dubrovnik.

So many words to say about Croatia and no ways to say them so in honor of being left speechless I’ll do the same for you and just leave you with the pictures of the sights that left this loud mouth awed.

Have questions? Need advice on Croatia? I’m a comment or email way since I know I didn’t include this in this post.


A fellow traveler did reach out asking for tips on Croatia which I was glad to provide for the top 3 cities I visited during my trip and figured that while I was left speechless here I should share I tips on this post as well. Enjoy!

– Krka waterfall is an awesome day trip which is about 1 hour 1/2 car ride from split. A group of us split the cost of a private ride which was nice as it gave us the freedom of how much time we could stay there. Bring a suit as you can swim in the fall and totally worth it.
– Old town is cool so definitely explore here and its surrounding area which includes the market.
– Check out grgur statue and rub his big toe as you make a wish. It’s said to come true. 😉
– Walk up marjan for a cool view of the city from atop.
– Bacvice beach the closest beach in the main part of Split. Not the best compared to other beaches in Croatia but it does the job for tanning and lounging around.

Dubrovnik – was only here for 1 day and a bit Croatia out at this point but mostly because I was tired.
– More expensive then other cities in Croatia as it’s so popular but if you go outside of peak season or close to the tail end of it you shouldn’t feel it as bad budget wise.
– Inside of old town is a must. Walk the Dubrovnik city walls, go up the cable car for hill top views. Spectacular!
– Check out the surrounding islands and cava beach (I obviously didn’t have time for this but I hear they are amazing). They sell many excursions for various islands in Dubrovnik.

Hvar – I went here after going to Split and before heading to Dubrovnik and probably my favorite of all 3 cities I visited.
– Awesome beaches just google the various options and see which one you fancy most.
– Walking up to the fortress before sunset is awesome and the views are stunning. Also easier to walk up in the afternoon as the sun gets quite hot.
– You can easily buy a fast boat or slow ferry in split and it takes about an hour to hour 1/2 to get here. Just ensure if you do this route to get to Dubrovnik that you buy your spot in advance as they sell out and then you are stuck in Hvar for another day or so like I was. (But not a bad place to be stranded in)
– Night life is cool here with an after party in an island that departs at 2ish when all nightlife ends in the main city. The ticket includes the boat ride to and from the main island.
– Rent a scooter as it’s the best way to explore the island and just ride. I found a lovely more non tourist and quite beach about a 20-25 minutes going away from the fortress on the main road.



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