Why Its Ok To Revisit London

Living in England and having friends in London has meant that visiting London multiple times is expected. For example, in the USA; New York City is my London equivalent. To date I have visited NYC 7+ times and with London I have lost count. Why do I continue to revisit London? Both NYC and London still give me the ability to play tourist and both cities always have something new to offer when I visit. 

Revisit London through my eyes, a Latina travel blogger and UK expat, uncovering new gems and timeless wonders with each return.

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Travel Tips

Trains to London in England are shockingly expensive. I always like to compare train options at Omio and purchase in advanace. If I have time on my side, I always travel via Flixbus, which is widely used in Europe. For example, London to Manchester on Flixbus may cost as low as £13 single compared to £65 single for train. 
Flights to/from London are cheaper compared to other destinations in England which gives people more reasons to return to LDN. 
As with any metropolitan city, booking restaurants in advance or activities is highly recommended. Especially post covid. Most of our first choices during this visit were booked. This offered us the opportunity to check out the restaurants featured in the  “Where & What To Eat” section below. 

Getting Around 

🚗 Car Share

If traveling with a group or outside of public transportation hours, using Uber or another type of car share provider is a great option and usually what I find myself using at the end of the night. During the day walking or using the tube is highly recommended due to traffic. 


While the city is large, walking is a great way to find yourself exploring new areas of the city. I find it’s how I have stumbled into some of my now favorite restaurants, bars and shops. Bring a good pair of walking shoes and walk to destinations whenever possible to explore more of the city and its many neighborhoods.  

🚎 Train aka Tube

The train system in London is fantastic and can get you anywhere in the city.   I find Google Maps to be a great way to check time schedules and routes prior to going on the tube as signals can be hit or miss once inside.

I also love to skip the queue and save myself time by purchasing tube fare using contactless payment opposed to using an Oyster Card. It’s super easy to use! You use your contactless payment method at the start of your journey to enter and then use that same method at the end of your journey. The best part is that the system lets you travel as much as you like in one day or week and they will cap your fare so you don’t pay more than you need which means more cost savings to you without having to do extra work. 

Learn more about how this works here and should point out that using this payment will charge an adult rate fare. 

Top London Must Visit Sights

With London, once you visit the top London sights, such as…

  • Checking out Big Ben
  • Riding the London Eye
  • Walking across the London Bridge
  • Seeing the changing of the guard in Buckingham palace
  • Riding on a double decker bus and
  • Taking pictures of the iconic phone booths

…there is still so much more to see, do and eat. 

As with any big metropolitan city, revisiting said city is perfectly acceptable. There will always be new restaurants, new bars and different events or activities happening.

Lucky for me, the city of London was what made me fall in love with England so revisit London always gives me nostalgic feelings of all the various times I have found myself here and the memories I have made. My last visit has added to my London memoirs bank and I have my Finish friend, Aino to thank for this.

See what new places we discovered in our latest visit to London Town below.

Additional Revisit London Sights

  • Thames Beach – A “beach” in the city and a great place to hide from the crowds. Pair this with a walk along the Thames river boardwalk. 
  • The Shard – Treat yourself and book a table at one of the sky view restaurants and bars. 
  • Blackfriars Bridge – You’ve checked off London Bridge, now explore some of the other architecturally beautiful bridges throughout the city giving you various views of the city.  
  • Covent Garden – This shopping and entertainment hub may feel a little more touristy but it’s still a great place to visit if you haven’t already. Located in London’s West End it offers you sights like the Royal Opera House and 17th century St. Paul’s Church. 
  • Bermondsey Neighborhood – In it’s former life, this neighborhood was filled with warehouses. Today, Bermondsey has been reinvented, becoming a hip and lively area filled with fantastic eateries and stylish pubs.  

Place I Stayed

The Hoxton Southwark, is perfectly situated in the heart of London and part of the Hoxton Hotel Group which I would describe as a co-working style hotel. Mixing business with pleasure, this hotel offers amazing places to work from, a rooftop with beautiful views of the city and a lobby restaurant perfect for people watching or networking. As mentioned, The Hoxton Southwark is near many tourist attractions like the Tower Bridge and London Eye without being right in the middle of tourist central. It’s also steps away from the tube station which makes it very easy to travel to and from the hotel. 


Where & What To Eat

  • London Bridge Rooftop – A cool urban rooftop bar with views of, you guessed it, London Bridge. Upon arriving you may wonder what you have gotten yourself into as it seems very secretive and located on the roof of a 70’s style office building. Once upstairs you will certainly not be disappointed.  
  • The Garrison – Stumbled upon this gem and so thankful I did. This Michelin rated gastropub offers an ever changing menu that left my taste buds and belly delighted. So delighted that I plan to make this a regular visit when I return to London Town. 
  • Scandinavian Kitchen – Pop into this Scandinavian eatery for tasty Scandi breakfast, brunch or Fika. Be sure to order your choice of “topless” sandwiches, Scadi filter coffee and be sure to leave room for a cinnamon bun. 
  • Laduree in Covent Garden – A perfect place to grab brunch and if weather permits, be sure to eat outside. You will be delighted with amazing people watching opportunities and front stage views of the outdoor performers that set up shop in front of St. Paul’s Church
  • Flour & Grape – Exquisite homemade pasta and gelato with exceptional customer service. I honestly cannot speak enough on the staff here. Be sure to also check out their downstairs bar for post meal drinks. 

Revisit London Resources

In addition to all the places, recommendations and tips I’ve gathered from my past trips to London, I also reference Tripadvisor to ensure I have the latest and greatest information when planning my trip such as restaurants, activities and any deals that may be available.

London Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map

This handy google maps HERE lists the full location of restaurants, attractions, etc. including further tips in the notes section. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps.

Other Places To Consider Visiting

If you have more days to spend near and around London, I welcome you to visit these related posts that can help you further build your perfect trip in London/England.

Disclaimer: This why its ok to revisit London post may contain affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, we receive a small commission on purchases made through these links. By making a purchase using these links, you are directly supporting and allowing me, a Latina travel blogger to continue providing you with free high-quality travel guides. Thank you!

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  1. Some great tips in this, thanks for posting. London is definitely open for business and is OK to visit. With so many people now working from home weekdays are much quieter than before. So if you have the opportunity, come and visit the greatest city in the world!

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