Cruising Around Cornwall

On July 4th, 2020 back home in the states people celebrated Independence Day. England, ironically enough was celebrating freedom in its own way as this was the day that pubs, camping sites, house sharing companies such as Airbnb, restaurants and hair dressers to name a few were allowed to open to the public in England as restrictions were eased due to this year’s Covid pandemic.

It was only fitting that I celebrate both occasions the way any avid traveler like myself knows how…Traveling!

Remember roadtrips? I almost forgot how easy it is to travel with a vehicle especially when the vehicle doubles as a home and my 5-day trip to the Southwestern tip of England in Cornwall provided me with the holiday experience I needed after being “caged” at home for 4 months. More importantly, it was simple to practice social distancing and cleanliness guidelines when traveling via a campervan.

Goboony was the easiest way to book this ultimate campervan holiday and helped ease myself back into traveling amid a pandemic.

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Check out the most epic road trip around Cornwall and plan your scenic route to places you may have not been to before.

Download this Cornwall 5-day itinerary and hit the open road cruising through the Cornwall countryside with the best things to see, do and eat HERE.



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