Stuttgart, I Did It For Shelby

9C513133-B8AB-430A-B472-9560FFCDD4B5It’s no secret that once in Europe, flights to various parts of Europe can be quite affordable compared to flights in the good ole US of A. So, when your friend mentions she will be in Stuttgart, Germany for her birthday and invites you, it’s easy to say “yes”. Even easier when round trip tickets from Manchester for a long weekend were only $56 USD.

Admittedly and shameless, even after booking my ticket I still didn’t know how to pronounce ‘Stuttgart’ let alone know where in Germany this was. My trips mission was simple; hang out with my dear friend Shelby who up until this point I had only spent 24 hours on a bus from Cape Town to Namibia and only spoke with each other face to face for only 4 of those hours. After that LOOOONG bus to Namibia, Shelby and I became modern day ‘pen pals’ keeping each other updated on our travels, asking each other for advice, becoming our personal cheerleaders and unconsciously having our friendship grow. Romantic right?

Once in Stuttgart my mission didn’t change. I did little to none of being a tourist. (Though I hear there are some things that can entertain you if you do decide to visit as a tourist including the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums. See here for ideas.) I spent my weekend drinking lots of wine, drinking lots of tea when we weren’t drinking wine, pointing at things in bakeries since people in Stuttgart don’t like to speak English, walking through the city and cooking lots of meals together. Honestly, the perfect weekend to solidify and confirm the bond Shelby and I had built.

Why do I share this post especially when I can’t report back with what to see, eat and do in Stuttgart you ask?

I hope readers may take away that visiting places shouldn’t just be about playing tourist or checking off the must-see places. Sometimes visiting places is about spending time with people, regardless of what you do. That will be what makes a city so special. Shelby, Ryan (Shelby’s friend who let me stay with them) and Stuttgart; thank you for the lovely memories created.


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