The End Of A Journey

EAC84AE1-177F-4801-A0EC-3D55507618D6As I rush to the gate that will “close” this Girl Takes Mundo chapter and bring me home to begin to lay the foundation to my next “Girltakes…” I can’t help but be filled with emotions. (I’m not crying…ok,ok, I am. But for this TRULY once of a lifetime opportunity I gave up my old life for and for everything I gained in this journey…well, you would too.) 

It was supposed to only be 6 months and with a blink of an eye 15 months have passed. So to all the people I met, to all the places I called home, to everyone who followed along, to family, friends who supported me but most importantly to all the times I paused in various corners of the world to thank God for placing me here, I love you! 

And don’t worry, there are still many places I want to see or revisit so this traveling nomad will find herself in a city near you but for now I have a new chapter to start.

To be continued…

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