Must Visit Places In Lisbon Portugal

Disclaimer, I have traveled to Lisboa on a Euro holiday years ago but admittedly and sadly I don’t think I maximized my time. This stop was closer to the end of my vacation and I was pretty tourist out. I remember I found Portugal to be very beautiful with some of the tastiest cusine I’ve had. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to return to Lisbon and explore the must visit places in Lisbon . This was during a work trip. I shared tips from my visit on how to work and travel in my blog post: “How To Work And Travel At The Same Time

Enjoy this handy pocket travel guide for your next visit to Lisbon.

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Where To Stay

Pestana Palace in Lisboa which is considered a national monument in Lisbon. This 5-star luxury hotel was built in a former 19th century palace. It is centrally located, which makes it perfect for exploring Lisbon.

Portugal Eats

Food in Portugal is known for being delicious and affordable compared to other European countries. I can certainly vouch for their food as my meals here never disappointed.

  • Pastel de Nata” which is a mini custard torte
    • Word on the streets of Lisbon is that the best place to get a “Pastel de Nata” is from “Manteigaria”. It is located in the “Time Out Market” building.
  • Pao de Deus” (“Jesus bread” in English), a sugary coconut bread roll.
  • Grab lunch at Time Out Market, which offers an array of global food options in this famous food court. I ate from one of the seafood stalls but am certain that any stall you decide on will not disappoint.
  • The top place to eat/best cocktail bars in Lisbon is “Bistro 100 Maneiras”. This Portuguese meets East European cuisine restaurant certainly didn’t disappoint. The cocktail I enjoyed here was more than a treat.

Must Visit Places In Lisbon

  • Walk around the “Parque das Nacoes” aka “Park of the Nations” which was near the Red Bull office in Lisboa. This short walk included stops to see the “Torre Vasco da Gama” and one of their infamous cable car stations.
  • Visit the beautiful movie theater, “Capitolio”. It’s across the street from the abandoned “Teatro Variedades”. Fun fact, it’s almost a century ago was the playground for theatergoers in Lisbon. It was lovely to see the old and new standing side by side.
  • Working from Lisbon, check out “Second Home”, a well-known co-working space in Lisbon located at “Time Out Market”.
  • Visit LX Factory, a former industrial complex. Present day, it houses an array of boho shops and restaurants with an artsy feel.
  • Can’t leave Portugal without checking out Belem Tower.
  • Enjoy seeing one of the traditional neighborhoods in the city, “Madragoa”. Expect traditional narrow streets and small houses close to the Tagus riverfront. This neighborhood offers beautiful views of the “Cristo Rei” aka the Jesus statue overlooking the city.
  • Spend an afternoon in “Parca do Comerico”, this waterside plaza is home to the oldest café in the city. “Martinho da Arcada” that sits in the beautiful square that is also classified as a national monument of Portugal.
  • See the “Aqueduto das Aguas Livres”, a gothic aqueduct that stretches 14km.
  • Stroll along the Tagus riverfront. It offers beautiful views of “Almada” where the “Cristo Rei” stands and the “Ponte 25 de Abril” bridge. This is the bridge that connects both cities.
  • Have a day, venture out to the town of Cascais.

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