A Weekend In Tampere

Did you know that the sauna capital of the world is in the middle of one of the most beautiful Finnish Lakelands? A weekend in Tampere is a great winter destination in Finland.

It was an easy sell to visit Tampere, with a dear friend living here. Bring on the girlfriend reunion! If a friend isn’t your reason to visit, then knowing that Finland, including Tampere , is officially the happiest place in the world might.

With its beautiful nature and lively city atmosphere, the city of Tampere offers plenty of activities to keep visitors busy during their weekend stay.

Tampere is an ideal winter destination for those looking to experience the beauty of Finland and its culture. Here is how to immerse yourself in nature without leaving the city during a weekend in Tampere, Finland.

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Plan Your Tampere Visit





Where To Stay In Tampere

Tampere Winter

Lucky for me, I was able to stay with my friend during my visit. Thanks Aino! But for tourists, she did say that there are no places that you need to avoid, as everywhere is safe and the city is easy to get to.

Aino did add that top areas in Tampere to stay would be the Pyynikki/ Pispala area. This is where Unity Tampere is. A gorgeous place by the lake. . Additionally, Tampella area is high on her list too, but did flag that there are no hotels here, only Airbnb’s.

Find the stay perfect for you below.


Getting Around Tampere

Discover Tampere

There are several ways to get around Tampere, Finland, depending on your preferences and needs:

Public Transportation: Tampere has an extensive public transportation network, including buses and trams, that covers the city and surrounding areas. You can purchase tickets at ticket machines, via mobile apps or using your VISA card directly on the bus or tram.

Bike: Tampere has many bike-friendly routes and a bike-sharing system so you can easily rent a bike and explore.

Walking: Tampere is a walkable city, with many attractions and sights located within a reasonable distance from each other. Turn your walk into a sightseeing tour.

Taxi: While taxis are more expensive to use they are available and can be easily hailed on the street.

Rental Car: If you prefer to have your own transportation, there are several car rental companies in Tampere. See car rental rates and vehicles.

Must Do During A Weekend In Tampere

Enjoy Lake Life

One of the most popular attractions is the Lake Näsijärvi, which is surrounded by stunning forests and offers a variety of winter activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, ice fishing or simply walking on the frozen lake to the cafe hut, Hiking Travel, Hit (Only open during the winter) that sits in the middle of this gorgeous frozen lake.

See some cool activities you can do on and off the lake here

Partake In Sauna Tradition

For those looking for a unique experience, the traditional Finnish saunas are a must-visit. It’s a Finnish tradition to end the week with a sauna session so grab your swimsuit, Lonkero long drink and kick off the weekend, the Finnish way.

I’d recommend,

Kaupinojan Sauna

Situated in a picturesque location by the shores of Lake Näsijärvi. This public sauna offers visitors an opportunity to relax and unwind in nature while enjoying the cozy atmosphere from their wood-burning stove to then immerse yourself into the blistering cold lake. It’s refreshing, promise!

Rauhaniemi Folk Spa

Also, nestled along the shores of Lake Näsijärvi, this idyllic spot offers a delightful opportunity to join locals for an authentic sauna experience. With two saunas featuring different heat levels and two access points to the tranquil lake, you can tailor your sauna session to your preferences on any given day.

For a truly local sauna session, and to look like a local, follow my “How to sauna in Finland in 10 easy steps guide below.

Become A Hockey Fan

I couldn’t pass on seeing my first live hockey game and what better place than in Finland. Hockey is the most popular sport in Finland, and Tampere is home to two of the country’s top teams, Ilves and Tappara. The atmosphere at a Tampere hockey game is electric, it’s an experience that will give you a true taste of Finnish culture.

Be sure to grab your scarf as it gets chilly in the stadium , order sausages from the vendor stalls and enjoy a long drink at the bar to prepare yourself to join the passionate fans cheering on their favorite team.

Must Visit During A Weekend In Tampere


Tallipuha is a quaint stable yard that was once part of the Finlayson factory community. These Russian style cottages were restored to their original 1880s appearance. Today, expect to find gift shops, artisan workshops, and a cozy café in this cottage community.

During your visit, don’t miss checking out Museum Milavida. The architecture and gardens alone will not disappoint.

Pyynikki Observation Tower

The nearby Pyynikki Observation Tower at the top of the hill provides breath-taking views of the lake and the surrounding area. It is the oldest observation tower in the Nordic countries. The tower was built in 1929 and has been a popular tourist attraction ever since,

Walk to the tower along the lake side to see the city’s skyline, all while breaking a bit of a sweat to the top. You will be rewarded with some of the tastiest and considered the best Munkki (Finnish doughnut) in the country in the tiny tower cafe.

Moomin Museum

Step into the world of Tove Jansson’s beloved Moomin characters and discover their enchanting stories and adventures in the only Moomin Museum in the world. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind museum that’s sure to bring out your inner child and learn even more or discover for the first time, Moomin.


Hiedanranta is a neighborhood located in the western part of Tampere, known for its vibrant street art scene. Once an industrial area that since then has been revamped to focus on art, culture, and innovation.

Other Top Tours & Activities Offered By Viator In Finland


Where To Eat During Your Weekend In Tampere

  • Saunaravintola Kuuma – This sauna restaurant in the center of Tampere  is perfect for lunch as they offer a set lunch menu. You can eat in their heated greenhouses on the Tammerkoski quayside. Be sure to enjoy a sauna session either before or after.

  • Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere – This is where you visit for gorgeous city and lake views of Tampere from their rooftop top bar. The perfect place to catch a sunset after a day of sightseeing.

  • Relove Second hand & Café  – A lovely option for a light lunch or coffee and cake. This doubles as a second hand shop offering lots of nice items for you to go on a shopping spree without breaking the bank.

  • Muusa– This delicious restaurant brings worldly cuisine to Tampere using fresh Finnish ingredients. Cocktails are tasty and customer service is top notch. Looking to extend the fun, see what is on as they double as an event venue too.

  • Kauppahalli Market – Stop by the largest indoor market in all of the Nordic countries and get your pick of food from the various food stalls.(Closed on Sundays.)

  • Pizzeria Napoli – Worth the wait (as they don’t accept bookings) for delicious pizza from the first pizzeria in Tampere. They have so many options you will feel like a kid in pizza heaven. Which one will you pick?

Tampere Attraction Google Map & Guide

This handy Girl Takes Mundo Finland Google map lists the full location of restaurants, attractions, etc. from my adventures in Tampere including further tips in the notes section. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps

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