10 Finnish Treats For Latina Foodies

10 Finnish Treats - Finnish Cinnamon Buns

Can someone truly say they visited a country without embarking on a mouthwatering journey through their culinary delights? I never miss an opportunity to try a countries local cuisine and Finland offers its fair share of items to add to your must try. This guide makes it easy to narrow down your foodie checklist from my visits to this Nordic gem. This 10 Finnish Treats for Latina foodies guide makes it easy to savor Scandinavia’s unique treats that pack a lot of “sazon” (flavor). What I love most is that the country uses a lot of organic and local ingredients, which is always a plus when traveling.

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10  Finnish Treats




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10 Finnish Treats To Try

  • Munkki – Finnish doughnut

  • Mustamakkara – Blood sausage

  • Grillimakkara  – Regular beef and pork grilled sausage that’s part of Finnish culinary tradition.

  • Vaasan Riisipiirakka – Tasty rice pie also eaten during breakfast and topped with scrambled eggs.

  • Lonkero – A long drink available in can form that and popular when visiting a Sauna or doing any leisurely activity for that matter.

  • Salmon soup – A traditional and hearty fish soup perfect on a chilly day.

  • Meat pies – A great snack that also comes in a fish version as well.

  • Reindeer – Many tourists come to Nordic countries to try this game meat and Finland offers reindeer in an array of dishes and styles.

  • Rye Bread – You wouldn’t come this far to not try fresh rye bread from either a bakery or as an open sandwich for lunch.
  • Korvapuusti – Homemade Finnish cinnamon buns are tender, aromatic and swirled with sweet cinnamon. Perfect with a warm cup of coffee.

Finland Restaurant Google Map & Guide

Facilitate your foodie exploration with this handy Girl Takes Mundo Finland Google map. It provides a comprehensive list of restaurant locations, attractions, and more. Includes additional tips in the notes section for your convenience. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps and “buen provecho”!

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