5 Must Have Travel Accessories To Make Travel A Breeze 

From my years of traveling and regardless of they type of trip I am doing, I have found that some travel items are always in my luggage or carry-on bag. AKA, I can’t leave home without them. Take a peek of my 5 must have travel accessories and discover what makes these essential for any trip I take.

Be sure to add these Must Have Travel Accessories to your list when packing a bag and see how simple items like these can really upscale your travel game and make traveling easier.

Looking for more, then I have you covered. The last section includes additional resources around packing, luggage’s, carry-on essentials and everything else in between.

Let’s get you on the road like a travel blogger!

5 Must Have Travel Accessories Table Of Contents

Must Have Travel Accessory #1 – Compression Bags

Compression bags are my secret weapon to organizing my clothes when packing my luggage. The compression mechanic is a great bonus as I can pack more and use less space but having a kit in various sizes is what really changes the game for me. This makes it easy for me to organize clothes and easily identify which bag stores what. Smaller compression bags will hold workout clothes or undergarments and larger bags will compress my bigger items such as jeans, dresses and sweaters.

Order my favorite kit HERE.

Must Have Travel Accessory #2 – Universal Travel Power Adapter

When you travel to as many places/regions as I do and want to pack as efficiently as possible, having the right universal travel power adapter is key. I always select one that has multiple power plugs for various regions. While this universal travel power adapter will be bigger than individual power adapters for travel, I find this to be the most efficient way to not have various travel power adapters and makes traveling between various regions easy as you will certainly have the plug.

This is the universal travel power adapter I travel with HERE

Must Have Travel Accessory #3 – Passport Holder

This may seem unnecessary in the grand scheme of items to have while traveling. On the contrary, I have found my passport holder to be one of the items Having a passport holder means I can easily locate my passport in my carry-on bag. It also ensures my passport is kept in pristine condition as it won’t bend. With added sleeves, I can add VISA’s, identifications and my yellow fever vaccine, so all possible items I could need when going through customs are in one handy place.

Change the way you store your passport and order a passport holder HERE.

Must Have Travel Accessory #4 – Powerbank

Is it just me or do our devices seem to run low on battery faster while traveling? I’m not exactly sure the science behind this but there is some truth. When roaming, your device will be searching for a signal more, which results in the draining of your battery. This is why having a power bank is essential while traveling. It helps you easily charge your devices without having you find an outlet, asking restaurants to charge your device or interrupting your sightseeing because you are on 1%.

Travel at full charge with this Power Bank HERE.

Must Have Travel Accessory #5 – Umbrella

Having a good umbrella is game changer if you are traveling and even if you are not. Living in the UK means that 90% of the time, I leave my apartment with an umbrella so having a quality umbrealla is key. During my sabbatical, I also learned the hard lessons of getting what you paid for, especially with umbrellas. Since then, I have become an umbrella snob, who is willing to shell out the big bucks for a good umbrella. A good quality umbrella will seriously cover you from the elements, not break at the slightest of wind and most importantly last.

This umbrella HERE is one I have tested out that recommend for both traveling and using day to day.

5 Must Have Travel Accessories – Additional Resources

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