Withdrawing Money From An ATM While Traveling – 5 Tips

Withdrawing Money While Traveling

5 tips For Withdrawing MonEY FROM AN ATM

Some countries still operate in cash. So despite us being a mostly cashless world, while traveling, withdrawing money from an ATM is still recommended. Not a large amount but rather a small amount for taxis, small items and tips for example

How you withdraw this money is key. Follow these 5 tips below, before you withdrawing money from an ATM while traveling. This will save you headaches.

1. Have A Plan-B

Before your trip, before withdrawing money from an ATM while traveling, contact your credit card provider to set up the cash back option on your card. Credit cards can act as debit cards in emergencies. Interest rates on credit card cash withdrawals are higher then other purchases made on the same card. There may also be a fee for taking out cash, as one does with debit cards on ATM’s. But in an emergency, you will be willing to use this.

When setting up cash back, be sure to ask the credit card representative about interest rates, fees, etc. to better understand how this works for your card.

2. Inform Your Bank & Credit Card Company Of Your Upcoming Travel Plans

Letting your bank know about your upcoming trip will ensure they don’t freeze your account. Additionally, this should prevent you from having problems using a credit or debit card abroad.

3. Check Your Card Logos

See what credit logo is on your card. For example, MasterCard, Visa or American Express and ensure the ATM you are using has this logo as well. This means the ATM works with the financial institution that issues your card.

4. Use an ATM connected to a bank

In some establishments you will find various ATM machines available to use. Select the ATM connected to your bank or a local bank in the city you are traveling in. This makes it easier to speak to someone or visit a local branch should you have issues when withdrawing money.

What issues can happen? An ATM could keep your card. Read this step-by-step guide of what to do if this happens while traveling HERE.

5. Use your credit card.

Most places in the world are becoming cashless. You may not need to withdraw cash or may only need a bit of cash for tips, etc. Consider using a credit or debit card while on vacation. It’s a great way to keep track of costs, see conversion rates and get points should your card be tied to an incentive program. The credit card I use gives me flight miles with for every USD spent.


When making purchases if you are offered to convert the amount to your home currency ALWAYS turn it down. The conversion rates provided by your bank will always be better.

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