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After two long overnight layovers in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur international airport it was nice that my final layover during this part of my Girl Takes Mundo trip was during the day. I really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity by visiting the city of Kuala Lumpur during my 12 hour layover.

Apparently, long day layovers in Kuala Lumpur are common and many have written on the topic of what do to if you have 10-12 hours here. These are the blog articles I referenced for my 12 hours in Kuala Lumpur:

And this is what my 12 hour day trip to Kuala Lumpur looked like:

  • Uber from airport into the city arriving at Malaysian tourism Association center. You can also get on the express train but for a little more I could take an uber directly to the location where my 1/2 day city tour would pick me up so I opted for that. ($17 USD)
  • Grab lunch at a restaurant near the business district and leverage their prefix lunch menu. ($3.50 USD)
  • To satisfy my sweet tooth I picked up a chocolate coffee layered cake from a food truck in the business district. ($2.32 USD)
  • Did a half-day Kuala Lumpur city tour. ($12.50 USD) Here is the link of the tour which shows the stops that I visited during the four hour tour.
  • Was able to pick up postcards during the city tour and managed to track down stamps at a small office supply shop where the cashier was kind enough to drop my postcards in the mailbox for me so that I could save time and not be looking for a mailbox myself.
  • Visited Malaysia’s Chinatown because of course any major city has a Chinatown of some sort.
  • Grabbed dinner in Little India. ($2.32 USD)
  • Managed to figure out the train system in less than 5 minutes. Ok, to be fair I did ask the waiter in the Indian restaurant and a staff member in the train station but with limited time you really don’t have a choice.
  • Made my way through the local train followed by the airport express train in order to catch my connecting flight to Melbourne Australia. (Total for both trains, $13 USD)

You It’s always a plus when you get the chance to actually visit a city and not just its airport even if the airport is nice like the airport in Kuala Lumpur especially if you’re in a long layover. Should you be fortunate to be in a long day layover just do a little online research as I’m sure you will find tons of articles of what to do in such little time in any city you happen to be in.

Happy day-trip travels!

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