Favorite Stays In Eastern Europe

The perks of a road trip include being able to visit more locations and in your own time. But it also means being able to sample an array of accommodations as you are "on the road" after all. During my road trip exploring 6 Eastern European countries, I stayed in a lot of accommodations and … Continue reading Favorite Stays In Eastern Europe

10+ Things to See and Do in Bucharest Romania

TABLE OF CONTENTS Why Visit Bucharest Romania Romania Trip Itinerary 4 Day Trip Itinerary Recommendation Romania Travel Tips The Best Way To Travel In Romania Driving Tips What To See And Do In Bucharest Romania See / do Eat What to eat in Romania Bonus City To Visit WHY VISIT BUCHAREST ROMANIA Bucharest is called … Continue reading 10+ Things to See and Do in Bucharest Romania

Visiting Serbia – Travel Information

WHY VISITing serbia is a must What does an authentic local experience visiting Serbia look like? Grand buildings and lively nightlife in Belgrade Art nouveau architecture in Subotica Natural scenery with quiet towns in Tara National Park and… Wine glasses that are not half full or half empty, but rather, always full in Sremski Karlovci … Continue reading Visiting Serbia – Travel Information