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  • Visiting Philippines – On Cloud 9

    I tried desperately to avoid the Philippines especially given the current isis situation and while I tend to be the person to not let current affairs affect my travels (i.e. still traveling to Europe including London after the unfortunate terrorist activity or getting on a plane a week after the September 11 attacks as a… Read more

  • P.S. Love You More

    My personal motto has always been God, family, travel in that order and while travel may seem like is taking precedent, my family is still a priority to me. I can tell they miss me but I can’t tell if they know I miss them more. The smell of someone grilling always reminds me of… Read more

  • Vietnam Travel & VISA Information

    They said, split your days in Cambodia and visit Vietnam as well. It will be worth it they said. I did as they said and with a heavy heart I left Europe aka my first leg of this Girl Takes Mundo trip to make my way to Vietnam and begin my Southeast Asia leg. After… Read more

  • Poland, Dzięki!

    Any change even slightly for the better after my misfortunes in Berlin were much needed and I secretly felt like the next and final stop of this first leg of my #GirltakesMundo trip could provide this. Not only did Krakow in Poland provide but it exceeded my expectations. Poland was probably a long over due… Read more

  • Travels in Berlin

    You know the saying, “my mom told me that if I don’t have anything good to say to not say it at all” and so keeping that in mind know that this will be a shorter post so if you want to hear about what to do, see, eat, etc. in Berlin I have suggestions… Read more

  • You’ve Got Mail

    While traveling and hoping from city to city during holiday the idea of getting snail mail isn’t quite possible but when your niece insists in sending you mail it’s nice that digital communication is able to help you receive such important mail/messages like this and make your day even when it makes you miss your… Read more

  • Croatia I’m Speechless

    I can’t begin to count the number of times during my visit to Croatia that I was left speechless. In the 7 days that I was in Croatia I did the most hopping around for my #GirltakesMundo tour thus far as I visited Split, Krka, Hvar, Palmižana and Dubrovnik. So many words to say about Croatia and… Read more

  • Questions Asked When You Take A Gap Year

    What’s the letter one drafts to their employer and colleagues announcing this big change in your life? Mine was drafted back in January of 2017 and stayed in my drafts for 5 months until now. It goes a little something like this and it’s the best way to kick off my first post… It’s been… Read more

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