Latina Expat Manchester Night Out Guide

Get ready to amplify your Manchester adventure with the “Latina Expat Manchester Night Out Guide,” fellow night crawlers! Renowned for more than just football, this city’s music scene pumps with legendary beats and iconic venues. Thanks to this, it creates a vibrant backdrop for unforgettable nights in this city. For the cocktail connoisseurs among us, the drink options are equally thrilling – from historic pubs echoing tales of old to modern mixology hubs that craft liquid artistry. Whether you’re toasting in a speakeasy or in the heart of a classic pub, Manchester’s nights out promise a rhythm that will keep you dancing through the night!

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Manchester Night Out Guide

Music & Dancing

Latina expat Manchester night out guide
  • O2 Ritz – Popular music venue where I saw Akala, a popular English artist who also is an author. 
  • Matt & Phreds – Live jazz. This spot became a favorite of mine with every time I visited. 
  • The Kings Arm – Pub that doubles as a play house with its theater in the second floor. Great way to mix things up and do something different from the usual going out and just drinking. 
  • Gay Village – If you are looking for a fun place to drink and dance on a weekend then this neighborhood is a safe bet.
  • The Ivy – Posh night spot for a fancy night out with drinks to match.
  • Terrace NQ – Fabulous rooftop bar when you are trying to enjoy the fact that it’s not raining and the sun came out.

Drinks In Manchester

Latina expat Manchester night out guide
  • The Temple – A former victorian public toilet turned pint size bar.
  • Sterling – Speakeasy bar for craft cocktails.
  • Ramona – Delicious margaritas and Detroit style pizza.
  • Oast House – Cool place to grab cocktails near Spinningfields.
  • Stevenson Square – Any bar here will bring a good time especially on a nice day out.
  • Three Little Words – Upscale craft cocktails
  • YES – Great rooftop and offers various food options from local vendors.
  • Hawksmoor – Delicious food but their drinks too.
  • Speak In Code – Fantastic cocktail bar which you should book in advance based on how popular it is.

English Pubs In Manchester

All “proper pubs” so that you can enjoy a proper English pub experience while in Manchester.

Manchester Night Out Activities

Latina expat Manchester night out guide
  • Enjoy local craft beer with this tour HERE.
  • Tuck In: Drag Brunch. Book this tour HERE.
  • This Food & Drink tour HERE, is one you can’t miss.

See more Manchester activities below:

Manchester Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map

This handy google maps HERE lists the full location of restaurants, attractions, etc. including further tips in the notes section. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps.

Final Note

Don’t forget you can find my full Manchester destination guide HERE.

It’s a must use when planning your visit with a help of a Latina travel blogger and Manchester expat. My full destination guide includes:

  • What to explore
  • Things to do
  • Day trips
  • Nights out / where to drink
  • Other nearby places to visit

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