Locally Inspired Italy Trip Itinerary: An Italian Summer

We’ve all most likely been there, we visit a country and find ourselves visiting the most tourist cities in said country. There is nothing wrong with that especially on your first visit, is a bit expected. “Do you mean to tell me that you visited Italy but did not visit Rome?!?” My first visit to Italy in 2013 had me hitting all the tourist hot spots; Milan, Florence, Venice, Pisa, Vatican City and of course, Rome. But, a locally inspired Italy trip hits different.

I had an amazing trip during my first visit to Italy and even made friends with an Italian family who I later visited in Gran Canaria, after they became expats there.(Check out another locally inspired visit HERE.) This article goes more in depth to vacationing in Northern Italy with a off the beaten path twist based off my travel through Italy during my second visit. That is what makes visiting a place and experiencing a place two different things.

Why Return To Italy

Yes, Italy is big and one visit won’t allow you to explore the various regions of this country. For me, returning to Italy gave me an opportunity that many of us don’t find ourselves in because we choose not to return to a place we have visited. Again, not wrong at all. This world is very big and there are so many places to visit, after all.

Returning to Italy meant I was able to visit Italy for its real wonders and experience Italy like an Italian. Discover small towns/villages not usually found in guide books, spend my days eating pasta and gelato, while partaking in early evening aperitivos. Best part, I wasn’t worried that I was missing out on seeing a site or attraction. There are many, so plenty of things for you to do, just have your pick at Viator’s 26K+ activities in Italy HERE.

Special Thanks To My Local Guides

Special thanks goes to my Italian experts, the Fraternali family. For not only hosting me but making this visit feel like I was visiting my own family. They helped this avid Latina travel planner leave the holiday in their trustworthy expert hands.

This truly was an authentic Italy experience where I was reminded how important a sprinkle of local guidance can be when visiting a country.

Consider returning to a country you have visited and enjoyed. You will be surprised how much more you can fall in love with said place. Check out my “Travel Guides” HERE to re-inspire your next visit to a place and get the best travel tips for each country.

Plan Your Locally Inspired Italy Trip Visit





authentic italy travel itinerary

Locally Inspired Italy Trip

And without further ado…

Check out this Locally Inspired Italy Trip Guide! Use this 8-day itinerary to plan your local inspired Italian holiday exploring Northern Italy and discover the best places to go, the best places to eat and the best things to do to maximize your trip.

Download the guide easily to your preferred device HERE.

FYI: This locally inspired Italy trip post is dedicated to my visit to Italy that included an unforgettable one-day adventure discovering San Marino from Italy. To see my article of a Latina blogger vacationing in San Marino, check this out HERE.

Locally Inspired Italy Trip
Locally Inspired Italy Trip
Locally Inspired Italy Trip3
Locally Inspired Italy Trip

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