10 Steps To A Hammam in Morocco

10 Steps To A Hammam in Morocco - Hammam Mouassine

When visiting Morocco, immersing yourself in the culture and customs involves trying out an authentic hammam experience. If you’ve never had one before but are curious, my 10 steps to a hammam in Morocco guide provides all the information you need. With this guide you will be able to confidently navigate this unique experience and enjoy it like a native.

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10 Steps To A Hammam in Morocco

  1. Greeted by a receptionist and provided with a locker or space to place your personal items and clothes. You can remove these items in the changing room.
  2. As you enter the Hammam room, your service provider (who will be the same gender as you) will greet you. They will show you to the area where they will perform your service. If visiting a public hammam, this will be a large hammam room. The service provider in this case, will sit you on a mat.
  3. Hammam begins with warm water poured over your body and followed by the application of back soap and henna.
  4. After you rub the black soap and henna, the service provider will begin to exfoliate. They will use an exfoliating body mitt (Kessa) throughout your body.
  5. After pouring more warm water, you apply a body wrap made of natural Rhassoul onto your body.
  6. Following the bathing process, the attendant will take you to a hot room where your body wrap will “dry”. This takes about 10-15 minutes.
  7. The hammam service provider will call you to return to the hammam room. They will apply shampoo, soap and do a final rinse.
  8. You towel up, then return to the changing room to dress.
  9. Traditional hammam sessions don’t incorporate massages by default. You can add them by making a prior reservation and this would happen post the hammam.
  10. After you complete your hammam session, you feel clean, refreshed, and like a new person. Your hammam session will end with a glass of traditional mint tea.
Girl Takes Mundo Post Hammam in Marrakech in Morocco

Above is me looking for fresh and so clean, clean, post my luxurious hammam.

Tips For Your Hammam Experience

Duration – A full hammam experience takes about 45 minutes to perform without any add ons such as massages, etc.

Clothes – Being naked is normal for a hammam but keeping underwear on is perfectly fine too. The person providing the hammam will wear some sort of clothes. During the hammam, service providers’ clothes do become wet. In public hammam’s, the majority of guests are naked. Your service provider may have their top off, even as women.

Genders & Hammam – Gender separation is enforced in public hammam’s with some hammam’s only allowing one gender into the building. Check in advance to ensure you go to the right hammam that will let you in. If you are concerned about mixing with both genders, you should know that a public hammam does not allow this.

Public Hammam – Public hammam’s can be easily accessed by tourists and offer a more authentic hammam. I would highly encourage trying a public hammam if you are up for it. Most public hammam’s will provide you with everything you need for your traditional Moroccan hammam including sandals, towels and products. This way you don’t have to worry about getting these beforehand.

Language – Need not worry about the language barrier. Most hammam service providers may not speak English. But it’s fairly easy to communicate with those providing the procedure. Additionally, the receptionist or front of house person will speak English. 

How Often – People typically perform a full hammam session once a week. Many may also include elements like applying oil into their daily routine.

Want A Private Hammam

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of a public hammam, you might want to explore private hammam experience. Various spas in Morocco offer private hammams specifically designed for tourists. Private sessions offer the opportunity to indulge in the tradition without the presence of a crowd. This provides a more comfortable and personalized hammam.

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