Marrakech Weekend For Couples – 3 Day Activity Guide

Upgrade date night, break from routine or simply create memories together. Use this Marrakech weekend for couples activity guide for a 3-day romantic escape into a culture and picturesque holiday.

I hash tagged this weekend, #RomanticMarrakechWeekend. A bit tongue and cheek as Stefan and I aren’t your typical romantic type. I suppose I wanted to send a message – maybe to both of us that, “look, we can be romantic”, especially if I keep calling this trip by this hashtag. 

Why a romantic weekend in Marrakech? The first part of the year translated to my partner being in full fighter mode as he returned to the ring after a year break and I’ve been on the road quite a bit with work. 

While yes, this trip had a work element for me, it was great to find a way to mix work and pleasure. Having Stefan join and create memories of a new place for Stefan and a place that I had dreamed of returning, was a big bonus.

Stefan and I met while traveling and we make good travel buddies for each other. While our parallel lives don’t allow us to travel as much as we’d like together, our love language is certainly travel.

Here is how you too can spend a magical 3-days in Marrakech.

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Marrakech Weekend For Couples Table of Contents

Plan Your Visit

This Marrakech weekend for couples guide has everything you need to book this perfect couple city break for you and your plus one. It includes where to stay, couples activities and some of the best places we enjoyed dining at while we visited the “Red City”.




Marrakech Weekend For Couples Trip Itinerary

Day-1: Jemma El Fna, Souk, Koutoubia Mosque, Taj Moroccan Food for dinner and L’Adresse Jemaa El-Fna for dessert.
Day-2: Hammam at Hammam Mouassine, Jardin Majorelle, lunch at El Kennaria and desert quad bike tour with dinner. 
Day-3: Ibn Youssef School, Musee De Marrakech, mint tea at Cafe Guerrab and departure. 

Where Couples Stay In Marrakech

Riad Ben Youssef

For an unique and fun travel experience in Marrakech, opt to stay in a riad instead of a regular hotel to truly experience the Moroccan way of living.

A riad is a traditional Moroccan house featuring an enclosed garden and courtyard, with a history dating back to ancient Roman civilization. Riads once served as homes for wealthy merchants and traders. Nowadays, riads in Morocco have been transformed into luxury guest houses that cater to all budget levels. This means that anyone can experience this authentic style of living in Morocco.

Riad rooms are available in different price ranges with upper-floor rooms offering semi-private balconies for a more serene atmosphere. Many riads feature pools and rooftop terraces offering panoramic views of the medina, and breakfast is often included in the room rate.

We opted for Riad Ben Youssef and the host was very attentive and informative. The riad itself is beautiful and fun to explore during your stay. While breakfast could be improved given some guests enjoy heartier breakfast options, I am aware that what was served is very accurate to an authentic Moroccan breakfast.

Find your romantic accommodation option that fits your budget and styles.


Marrakech Must See


Jardin Majorelle The gorgeous and Instagramable Jardin Majorelle was created by the French orientalist artist, Jacques Majorelle. This is the must-visit garden in Marrakech, especially for those with limited time. As a heads up, it’s important to book in advance and arrive on time for your visit.

Jemaa El-Fna Square – Be it day or night, this is the liveliest place in the Medina and city. I highly encourage travelers to visit during both times and pick a restaurant or cafe in the square to enjoy a mint tea/ bites from one of the many rooftop terraces.

Souk – Best described as a labyrinth of winding streets and filled with market stalls full of souvenirs, spices, textiles, etc. Try your best bartering skills here.

Need to brush up on tips or wondering how it’s done? Check out this bartering guide.


Hammam Mouassine – If you are coming to Morocco, to truly embrace the culture and traditions, experiencing an authentic hammam is a must! We visited the iconic 16th century public hammam – Hammam Mouassine and can’t recommend it enough. Inexpensive, truly authentic as you are divided by genders and where locals go but also visited by tourists.

Never done a hammam and wondered what to expect? Check out my traditional Moroccan hammam guide with everything you need to know to navigate this unique experience like a local.

Koutoubia Mosque – Most important mosque in the city that sits directly in front of the main entrance to Jemaa El Fna. As a tourist, you will not be allowed to enter but it’s beautiful to walk around and admire from outside.

Musee De Marrakech – Do keep in mind that they close during lunch hours so be sure to plan your visit around this.

Ibn Youssef Madrasa – In the historic part of Marrakech, the Ibn Youssef School offers a unique opportunity for tourists to immerse themselves in traditional Moroccan architecture and learn more about Islamic education.

Have Extra Time

Bahia Palace – The palace means “the beautiful” and I certainly think it fits the bill. It’s by far the most beautiful palace I have seen in Marrakech with its over 150 rooms with various gardens and patios.

Menara Gardens – Marrakech’s most popular landscaped garden. If you have extra time and want to explore more of the city, I would recommend visiting here as entry is free but keep in mind that the Majorelle gardens are far more stunning.

Marrakech Weekend For Couples – Must Do Activity

Marrakech: Desert Quad Bike Tour with Tea & Optional Dinner

Escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech city and embark on an exhilarating quad bike tour of the desert. Hassle-free transportation is included and getting to the meeting point is a breeze for those staying in the medina as it’s difficult for cars to drive inside to collect passengers.

For an unforgettable experience, Stefan and I highly recommend upgrading to the dinner option. The traditional Moroccan cuisine is mouth-watering and probably one of the best tagine I’ve had. (And I’ve had my fair share.) Didn’t expect the live entertainment during the dinner portion but it was lively and fun. If that isn’t enough of a reason to book the dinner option tour, watching the sunset turn into a starry night was simply magical and only the dinner option offers this as it’s the last tour of the day.

Tips to navigate this tour like a warrior;

  • It’s important to drive safely as the sun may obscure your vision at times during the sunset.
  • Additionally, don’t forget to dress warmly as it can get chilly in the desert, particularly at night.
  • Not sure of your experience on a quad bike? Select a quad bike for two and take turns with your +1.

Book this fun and different “date night” desert quad bike experience.

Other Romantic Things To Do In Marrakech


Where & What To Eat In Marrakech

Here are some highly recommended places:

🔸 Bigua Cafe & Restaurant – This cafe is perfect for lunch and includes a beautiful terrace. Be sure to try their avocado smoothie while here.

🔸 Taj Moroccan Food – Enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, this place is known for its great dining and amazing customer service. The perfect restaurant for your date night dinner in Marrakech. Order their “assortment of Moroccan salad”, its the perfect starter.

🔸 L’Amazigh Rooftop – Delicious food and offers a great view from the rooftop to Jemaa El Fna. You’re going to have a lovely time.

🔸 Cafe Guerrab – Also, great food, offers delicious mint tea. Quick and friendly service.

🔸 L’Adresse Jemaa El-Fna – A good choice overlooking the square to enjoy appetizers or dessert.

Tip: Small plates are really typical for Morocco, but some restaurants serve very generous portions. Many of them are listed above.

Wondering what to order? Check out my full Morocco guide that includes what to eat.

Marrakech Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map

This handy Morocco google map that lists the full location of restaurants, attractions, etc. including further tips in the notes section. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps.

Want to extend your visit in Morocco?

See my full Morocco Destination Guide for tips and recommendations for other dreamy cities in Morocco. Learn how to get there, where to stay, eat and what to do!

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