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Good company, good sights, and good experiences; the best way to describe my weekend in Copenhagen.

Being able to meet/reunite with girlfriends and create stories together with the backdrop of Copenhagen and the Danish culture is what traveling with friends is all about. Even a solo traveler like myself likes bringing friends along for the ride.

Craft your own story, organize your own reunion and be sure to find a beautiful location like Copenhagen to do this. Your soul and friends will thank you!

Want to spend a weekend in Copenhagen? Use this guide to plan your own adventure in Copenhagen based on my visits.  

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weekend in Copenhagen Travel Tips


While Danish is the native language spoken in Denmark and Copenhagen, tourists can easily manage their way while visiting here by speaking English.


The Danish currency, the Krone (DKK) is the currency used here, but you can get away with only using your card. I would still recommend taking out cash from an ATM, as some establishments only accept MobilePay which is a mobile payment application that was developed by Danske Bank.   


As with any trip, how much you spend in a weekend in Copenhagen or in any city for that matter, is up to you. You can go as budget or luxury as you want. This trip fell under the “Flashpacker” style; meaning I was still traveling like a backpacker but with a better budget to travel in style and spend on experiences.

During my 3-day weekend trip in the autumn when there are less crowds and traveling in a group of 4, I spent about $225 USD a day. This included meals, activities, local transport, and accommodation.

Length Of Stay

For those wondering how many days to stay in Copenhagen and not including the rest of Denmark, I would recommend staying 3 full days ( aka a weekend in Copenhagen) and planning in advance your days. (Lucky for you, the below guide is based on a 3 full day stay in Copenhagen.)


Have more vacation days? Backpacking? Or looking to make the most out of your time while in the Scandinavian region? Malmö in Sweden is a hop, skip away from Copenhagen and easily accessible via train.

See my travel guide to Sweden with advice on things to do, when to visit, and everything else you need in my Sweden, Where Friends Reunite post.

Getting Around

Train / Bus

Copenhagen’s public transportation network is considered one of the best in the world and super easy to navigate. You can inexpensively get access to busses, trains, and the metro with a City Pass which provides you with unlimited travel in the center of Copenhagen with the flexibility of how many hours you may need (24, 48, 72 or 120 hours). A 24 hour City Pass for example, costs 80 DKK or $12.50 USD.


Uber does not operate in Copenhagen but taxis are available and there are a few car sharing alternatives if finding Taxi’s prove more difficult.

  • Care Share Alternatives – Taxa 4×35 and Taxi.eu
  • Taxi – Amager-Øbro Taxi (Central Copenhagen) 27 27 27 27


Do like the Danish, and explore the city by renting a bike for the day. Bycyklen are the city bikes and easiest to rent using an app.


The city center is very walkable. Doing multiple stops in the city will help break up the walk a bit too.

Must Do Activities

It’s rare that you visit a city, do activities, and are left feeling like you can’t wait to return to do the same activities.

The below are my Top 3 Must Do Activities when visiting Copenhagen especially if you are visiting for a weekend. They allow you to indulge and truly immerse yourself into the city in a short amount of time.

Electric Cargo Bike Tour

The best way to explore the city during a weekend trip is the way the Danish navigate their city, by bike. Copenhagen is world famous for their bike culture. Loop Tours makes it super easy with their guided electric cargo bike tours. They offer various tour options, cargo bike rentals and guides that will craft your experience to what you want to see. Our guide, Andreas was simply fantastic so be sure to ask for him when you book your own adventure on bike. See the city on wheels HERE.

Sailing Trip

Be your own captain and experience the Copenhagen canals with a sailing trip with GoBoat. Boats are rented by the hour with 8 guests max and are very easy to navigate without experience. I would personally suggest booking an afternoon time slot if visiting in the fall as this provides you with stunning sunset views of the city and don’t forget to bring a picnic filled with local delicatessens from a shop. Be your own captain HERE.

Eat In The Sky

What better way to connect with the Danish community than visiting Gro Spiseri for a meal in their gorgeous rooftop farm. Enjoy a communal meal from locally sourced ingredients or directly from the rooftop farm itself.

TIP: If visiting for a weekend, I would suggest booking breakfast at Gro Spiseri as this provides you with a full day to explore the city on a full stomach then followed by a bike tour with Loop Tours and ending with your sailing adventure using GoBoat.

City Sights To See

Torvehallerne Market Hall

This premier food market hall is a go to if you want plenty of food options at your fingertips. Indulge in local eateries, try the infamous open sandwiches, save room for sweets from the bakery stalls and don’t forget to include a cocktail/beer/wine from local vendors.


This is the Queen’s winter residence. If you get lucky, you may even see the changing of the guards, reminding you that not only in the UK does royalty live. Tours are offered of the residence and can be visited using the Copenhagen Card which is perfect for tourists. It includes admissions to many attractions and public transport so be sure to book in advance HERE.


Also known as “Freetown Christiana” and the city’s squatter/hippy community. This former military area is filled with history and controversy. See for yourself how residents of this self-governing “free town” operate/live using their own laws and flag.

Christiansborg Palace

The royal palace is stunning, and its grounds are open to the public. Use the gardens to unwind like royalty for a well-deserved break from sightseeing.

Norrebro District

This area of Copenhagen is the hip and more multicultural area of the city popular among creatives and students. Here you will find lots of indie shops, trendy cafes and late-night bars.


Located in the Hofor Amagervaerket power station, CopenHill is Copenhagen’s epicentre for sports. They offer skiing, tubing, rock climbing and everything else in between. Even if mountain sports aren’t part of your trip’s plan, I would highly suggest visiting. It’s a short 10 minute cycle ride from the city, free to go to the top and you get some of the best city views from the top.

Nyhavn Harbor

No visit to Copenhagen is complete if you don’t see the colorful homes along the harbor in the Nyhavn neighborhood.

Little Mermaid

Disclaimer, and as many other blogs, locals or past tourists would suggest, the statue of the Little Mermaid by Edvard Eriksen is underwhelming but did you know there is a second statue? The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid by Bjorn Norgaard is a short 10-minute walk from the original Little Mermaid statue so if you do plan to check off the original, why not see 2×1 and check out the second statue which is less visited and compare both for yourself.

Reffen Street Food Market

A little oasis along the water perfect for the weekend. Drinks, an array of food stalls and good times.

FYI: Open only during the spring and summertime.


Additional Recommendations for your weekend in Copenhagen 

(Yet to be explored by me but shared by fellow travel friends.)

Books & Wine Copenhagen

Adorable bookstore that gives you a free glass of wine! FYI: Cash only

Central Hotel & Cafe

For a little photo op, they have this really cute hotel (around the corner from Books & Wine Copenhagen), with one room, and a tiny cafe downstairs.  

Taste Great Food


Who knew porridge could be so tasty. Grod is perfect for breakfast as they have transformed ordinary porridge into extraordinary. Enjoy ingredients like liquorice, locally sourced caramel sauce and islandic yogurt just to name a few.

Paludan Bog & Cafe

This popular and very unique place offers good food, good coffee and all at reasonable prices. The best part is that you can enjoy your meal being surrounded by books as it doubles as a bookstore.

Aamanns Deli & Takeaway

Wonderful place to enjoy the iconic smørrebrød or “open sandwich”. This deli offers a variety of options including vegetarian and vegan and are available for takeaway if you are trying to catch more sights and enjoy a local meal on the go.

The Union Kitchen

Located in the Nyhavan neighborhood, this laid-back restaurant offers tasty tapas style food and cocktails.


Despite the, is this a club, is this a restaurant ambiance that admittedly felt a tad pretentious, their Mexican style food and spicy margarita ranked highly for me and is in the lively Meatpacking District in Copenhagen which is known for its bars and nightlife.

Punk Royale

Punk Royal is where fine dinning meets rave! Treat yourself to caviar shots, foie gras with injections and eat dessert with latex gloves. Book your ultimate culinary experience HERE.

Juno The Bakery

Recommended as the best cinnamon-cardamom bun a friend has ever had, so naturally this warranted a visit. (It most definitely did not disappoint.) 


Tasty place to grab breakie and would his highly recommend the savory pancakes. 

Where To Stay

Sleep In Heaven

If traveling on a budget or solo traveling, this lively hostel located in the popular Norrebro area is perfect for you. Close to transportation, bars and in a great location in the city.


Highly recommend staying in an Airbnb if traveling with a group. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of how the Danish live. Good neighborhoods to stay in Denmark include Frederiksberg, Kobenhavn N and Kobenhavn V.

Alternatively, if you prefer to say in a hotel, click below to get the best deals on hotels using Booking.com.


Copenhagen Attraction Map & Guide – Google Map

This handy google maps HERE lists the full location of restaurants, attractions, etc. including further tips in the notes section. Be sure to add this list to your Google Maps.

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