All Work & No Play In Portugal Makes “Girl Takes Mundo” A Dull Girl.

There is always this illusion that those who travel for work (outside of your typical travel bloggers and influencers) have a glamorous life being able to visit many places thanks to being sent by their employer for work. If you are one of those people that loves to travel, being in a job that requires … Continue reading All Work & No Play In Portugal Makes “Girl Takes Mundo” A Dull Girl.

Stuttgart, I Did It For Shelby

It’s no secret that once in Europe, flights to various parts of Europe can be quite affordable compared to flights in the good ole US of A. So, when your friend mentions she will be in Stuttgart, Germany for her birthday and invites you, it’s easy to say “yes”. Even easier when round trip tickets … Continue reading Stuttgart, I Did It For Shelby

She’s Back!

For any lover of travel especially one who decided to give up their former life to pursue their dream of traveling the world full time, it’s hard to swallow the fact that one must put the backpack away, stop their gallivanting of seeing all the corners of the world and seal the deal by handing … Continue reading She’s Back!

3 Magic Words…Second Valid Passport

Any traveling nomad will agree that the best book you could have in your possession is your passport. In a strange way, this simple book represents freedom and a life you love. But what happens when you have to give up the best book for a traveler? Back in October, I had to relinquish my … Continue reading 3 Magic Words…Second Valid Passport

Playing Casita🏡 In Manchester

UPDATE: Since writing this post and falling in love in Manchester, I decided to take the leap and hang my #Lifeinabag by making Manchester be where I have my casita now. That being said, I have updated this post to reflect additional gems I've found now that I live here as an expat.   As I … Continue reading Playing Casita🏡 In Manchester

The End Of A Journey

As I rush to the gate that will “close” this Girl Takes Mundo chapter and bring me home to begin to lay the foundation to my next “Girltakes...” I can’t help but be filled with emotions. (I’m not crying...ok,ok, I am. But for this TRULY once of a lifetime opportunity I gave up my old … Continue reading The End Of A Journey

Tel Aviv Is Tel Aviv And The Rest Of Israel

When a “didn’t see that coming” country/city gets added into anyone’s travel, a friend, most likely who you’ve met from your travels or a friend who is now living in said country/city is the culprit. Sweden, Canada, Manchester and the Canary Islands are prime examples of countries/cities that were added to my Girl Takes Mundo … Continue reading Tel Aviv Is Tel Aviv And The Rest Of Israel

Happy Travel-Versary Girl Takes Mundo

1 year ago today, I hopped into a plane with a dream to travel (center picture in above collage). I had no expectations, didn’t know if this would even be for me but I gulped deeply as I stepped onto a plane into the unknown. 1 year later and I’ve had my fair share of … Continue reading Happy Travel-Versary Girl Takes Mundo

Go To La Verga They Said…(Gran Canaria)

Have you heard of the Canary Islands? Do you know it’s part of Spain? Do you know that despite it being part of Spain, it’s actually in the continent of Africa? Many locals and expats living here will wonder if people in the “outside world” would be able to answer, “yes” to the above questions. … Continue reading Go To La Verga They Said…(Gran Canaria)

Summer Ready

“Chicken scratch plans”, “Ever changing” and “No real plans” was the ways I was describing my 2nd leg/extension of my Girl Takes Mundo plans 3 months ago in this post here.  I had no clue where I would be 3 months from when I wrote that post and that chicken scratch plans in my phone … Continue reading Summer Ready