About Girl Takes Mundo

(Written by Chicago Reporter, Irene Tostado)

A bonafide world traveler in her own right rather than by happenstance, Chris Davila aka “Girl Takes Mundo” takes her enthusiasm for exploring diverse cultures, meeting new people, interacting with fellow voyagers and experiencing the world’s wonders first-hand to the next level. A new plateau and self-satisfying mission that she hopes will have her venturing into uncharted territories, tasting unique cuisines, and discovering ways of thinking that are unbeknownst to her.

The Marketing graduate has catapulted the knowledge that she acquired while at DePaul University into a successful career in local media and as a marketing manager for a world-recognized brand. The friend to many, loved daughter and sister and caretaker to a beautiful Pit bull is determined to forge a path that she hopes other young women will follow.

She upholds personal and professional integrity, and is more concerned with living by morals, being sincere and making decisions that will inspire her personal growth rather than boasting about her good fortune.

Ms. Davila has gained valuable professional experience working at two reputable institutions: Chicago Public Media and Red Bull, and is looking forward to finding that ideal employment opportunity that will give her the freedom to travel anywhere and everywhere in the world with her four-legged friend as well as continuing to contribute back to the community as the president of the non-for-profit organization, Yo Soy Ella which spiritually empowers Latin women in Chicago.

For Chris, traveling is by no means a mere source of entertainment, but an enriching decision to collect lasting memories. Her courage and passion for learning ignites her curiosity as she aspires to be someone that others respect.

Traveling alone into unfamiliar territory is not new to Chris. She was the first in her family to graduate from college, and to travel on her own volition. What started out as a nerve-wrecking trip to Argentina seven years ago, has evolved into a self-imposed mission to see, learn and explore the entire world.

From her favorite trip to a communist governed Cuba where she traveled to a country frozen in time to her frequent trips to visit her family’s homeland in Guatemala, Ms. Davila has learned that traveling on her own is possible.

She admires the resilient spirits of the Cuban people she met while on her travels, artist Andy Warhol’s courage to create, and her mother’s know-how to teach her to become an independent person. In fact, she credits her mother with rewarding her with a key personality trait that all solo travelers should possess: free spirit.

On her forthcoming trip, it is the savvy words of her cousin that push her to the starting line of her adventure. He wrote, “Disfruta de tu aventura sin pensar en el futuro. El futuro vendra y cambiara el presente.” (Enjoy your adventure without thinking about the future. The future will come and change the present).