Traveling With A Smile – Latina Travel Stories

Traveling With A Smile - Latina Travel Stories

Aside from traveling with a smile on my face, I have been journaling during this trip and from time to time I have been so moved to write my thoughts quickly. I feel that only at that moment may I truly grasp what I’m thinking, feeling etc. This usually results in people wondering why I’m grinding into my small notebook or wondering why I’m sitting on the floor. My preferred spot to write from when moments like this happen.

This particular heartfelt journal entry reveals a moving moment & powerful reminder during my Girl Takes Mundo journey. #smilesarepowerful

Traveling With A Smile

In this picture above I journaled about a boy probably no older than 13 who I saw on my first day in Kotor, Montenegro.

  • The first time I passed him by the port, I said a little prayer for him as I noticed he was mentally challenged.

  • The second time I passed him I noticed that both times I saw him he had his head down. I was 💔.

Latina Traveler Thoughts

The floor isn’t pretty, the floor won’t smile at you. I desperately wanted him to glance up as I passed him the second time. To share a smile at him, to get him to see me but also how pretty Kotor’s port was. He sadly didn’t.

I say this story to remind people that if you catch yourself staring at the floor or traveling, don’t forget to glance up. You never know if a smile from a fellow traveler is waiting for you. If you catch someone staring at the floor and they glance up, don’t forget to smile. #smilesarepowerful

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