Top Things I Miss As A Solo Traveler

Top Things I Miss As A Solo Traveler

I love being a solo traveler. Once I took the leap, I never went back!  I’m glad to report that traveling solo doesn’t mean you are alone. You wouldn’t believe how much you can see, experience and the people you will meet. While I highly recommend solo travel, I must admit that these are the top things I miss as a Solo Traveler.

What are the things you miss while traveling? Share them below!

Top Things I Miss While Solo Traveling

Skin Routine 💆🏾

Your face really takes a beating with extra sun, temperature changes, pollution levels etc. and even if you bring your whole skin routine which my #lifeinabag won’t allow you will still notice your travels in your face.

Specific Cuisine 🍚

I’m Latin and love Latin food. While traveling, you can find tacos or Mexican restaurants but my favorite cuisine; Puerto Rican is a hard no , sadly.

Regular Workout Routine 🚲

Gyms and other fitness activities will do the job but creating a routine even while traveling will really help your body. See my post on staying healthy while travelling HERE.

Makeup 💁🏽

If you travel to sunnier places then where you are from or if you start your trip in another season, just by walking and taking in tours, sights etc. you will be sure to tan especially in the face. When traveling for longer periods of times it’s hard to predict what foundation color you will be from week to week.

Family including your 4 legged children 🐼

Blessed are those who can travel with their 4-legged children. What I wouldn’t give to be able to travel with my pup, Montana.

Family & Friends 🍗

Twice on my list because it’s certainly the top thing I miss as a solo traveler. Can I put them in my backpack?

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