Staycation Dreaming?

While there are still many limitations for traveling abroad especially in the UK & USA their is still a the desire to travel especally for me.

Last year, I had my fill of staycations visitng various areas of England and still following travel guidelines. Trips included campervan roadtrips to Cornwall, camping weekends visitng places like Wales, Airbnb weekends in Bath and even day trips around Manchester. (Just in case you needed a bit of inspiration for staycation trips.)

Personally for myself, these helped immensly with my mentail well being as travel has been proven to provide great benefits for this but seemed oh so necessary during this pandemic with many people experiencing “quarantine fatigue” which is associated with a restrictive lifestyle like the one we were all forced to endure last year.

Will you be one of the people doing staycations? If so, where are you planning to visit?

Whether you are staycationing in the UK or USA this year, check out these useful dashboards to plan a great staycation and be sure to share your staycation plans below. 

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