7 Tips To Travel On A Budget In 2021

You don’t have to be rich to travel. The biggest myth around travel is that you need to drain your savings to travel.

If student travelers have taught us anything is that you can cost efficiently travel the world for less without missing out on experiences.

Sharing with you my best tips to save money while traveling but still allowing yourself to enjoy what a city has to offer by sticking to your budget without breaking the bank. 

  • Visit Cheap Travel Destinations – Seek destinations that are cheaper to visit and where your money will be stretched farther. Blogger “Be My Travel Muse” has an updated post for cheap destinations in 2021 broken down by region. Click HERE for inspiration.
  • Travel Light – Whenever possible opt to travel light using only a carry-on. Not only will you save on checked luggage fees but this also makes for a more leisurely way of traveling once you are in your destination.

Check out these super useful packing guides loaded with tested tips to help you pack light with minimum luggage.

  • Google Free Activities – A simple google search such as “Free activities in [insert city/destination]” will give you a surprising amount of sights and activities to explore a city that are either affordable, don’t cost money at all or offer details when certain destinations such as museums have free days for visitors. TIP: This can also help you find out in advance if any special events are happening during the time you are visiting as you may want to attend/participate or avoid the area all together because of crowds.
  • Stay in Budget Friendly Accommodation
    • Airbnb – Perfect if you are traveling with a group. This option also helps save with meal costs if you leverage the kitchen and eat/cook meals there. TIP: Have you tried Airbnb? Sign up with my link HERE & receive up to $55 USD off your first trip.
    • Hostels – Fantastic, if traveling solo. Most hostels offer various accommodations to suit everyone’s comfort levels from beds, single gender rooms to even private rooms. Do your research based off the type of trip you want as some of my favorite hostels are those that aim to create a travel community during your stay. These usually host daily activities and cook family meals for guests for very reasonable prices.
    • Camping – A camping trip is the go-to option if you want to travel without spending too much. Campsites are cheap and provide campers with cooking/shower facilities. Some people may even opt for wild camping which eliminates accommodation costs completely. Just be sure to check on what the rules are with regard to wild camping as each country/city differs.
    • Campervan – Consider traveling with a campervan as travel costs get reduced greatly. It is surprisingly easy to travel with a vehicle that doubles as a home since you travel, cook and sleep using the van and it provides for an adventure itself. Use this useful post, “Campervan Tips, Tricks & Essentials” when you plan your trip.
  • Eat Inexpensive Meals – I admit that the foodie in me spends most of my travel budget on food. But even in this area of travel there are ways of saving costs which I have tested and applied myself when visiting more expensive countries such as Iceland.
    • Bring food by grabbing groceries and cooking meals in your accommodation.
    • Pack snacks purchased from a shop or grab food from street vendors in order to not splurge on food while seeing sights.
    • Book hotels/hostels that include free breakfast.
    • If you do eat out consider eating out for lunch as many restaurants offer lunch deals and taje advantage of happy hour drink deals too.
  • Ditch Souvenirs – Shopping for souvenirs is expensive and your luggage will stay light (saving you on those pesky luggage fees). Not only that, the time saved shopping can be used to see another highlight in the destination you are visiting. 

Lastly, don’t forget to…

  • Treat Yourself!!! Indulge in an occasional luxury during the trip. Remember you are still on vacation and shouldn’t miss out on something if you truly want to see it, eat it, etc. 

Remember traveling is achievable for everyone regardless of a budget. All you need is a desire to travel and the knowledge to travel smart.

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