Is Stonehenge Worth Visiting? No, So Why Did I Return?

Stonehenge Stone Circle

Stonehenge was underwhelming, but I came back. 

During my first visit to England over 9 years ago, Stonehenge was on the top of my “must see’s”. I recall the little girl version of me including it in multiple travel scrapbooks she made of places she wanted to visit which included the usual suspects; the Eiffel Tower in Paris & the pyramids in Egypt. 

Little Chris was mystified by this sight and when the adult version finally ticked this off her bucket list she was sadly disappointed. A circle of stone surrounded by farmland and nothing else.

So why did I return? I did it for a little avid traveler. A little girl who just like little Chris learned in school about Stonehenge and spoke enough about wanting to visit that despite my views of the place I couldn’t let her miss out. Little Chris wanted to see this place badly too and I’m sure if she would of had the chance to visit when she was small without the adult googles, she too would have enjoyed it. 

My views haven’t changed even after my 2nd visit (I didn’t think they would) but as a fellow traveler, I will never deter someone from going to see a place they have set their heart on including fellow travelers like you.


Visiting Stonehenge? Learn how to visit for free using my guide HERE and if you are renting a car to travel around England be sure to use QEEQ.

Is there a place you were underwhelmed with when you finally saw it? Is there a place you returned to visit? I’d love to hear from you. Share your stories below.  

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