How To Visit Stonehenge For Free

Did you know that Stonehenge tickets costs £23.30 for adults, £14 for children with donation* (£2 pounds less per ticket without the donation) and this ticket won’t even allow you to enter inside the stone circle. To go inside the circle falls under their VIP Experience and this “luxury” comes at a cost of £47.00 for adults and £28.20 for kids*.

*2020 Ticket Costs

After my first visit to Stonehenge I walked away feeling extremely underwhelmed on this destination and quite frankly ripped off with regard to the ticket price. I did return for a second visit, read why HERE. But I did this the smarter way and visited for free thanks to a tip from a fellow traveller friend. You will need to use a car and if you need to rent one, use QEEQ as they are my go to in England.

I will never deter someone from going to see a place they have set their heart on including fellow travelers like you especially if I know a way that won’t hurt the bank. If I would have known the tips I’m going to share with you on how to visit Stonehenge for free my first time I probably would have not walked away calling this the “Most Overhyped Destination” I have visited.

Save money for other experiences during your trip without having to miss out on seeing this English Heritage with my steps below.

1.Google “Stonehenge Public Viewpoint” – This will provide you to directions directly in front of Stonehenge where the “Public Footpath” can be found. The public footpath is used by locals going on runs, walks etc. and smart travelers like us. Do not steer away from the Google directions despite the road signs indicating other directions as the road signs lead you to the tourist location where you will have to pay the hefty ticket prices and walk longer to get to the site.

2. Free Parking – The directions will lead you to a dirt road directly in front of Stonehenge. While the dirt road is bumpy and has holes it does double as an area to park your vehicle for free and the closest place you can park your car to Stonehenge.

3. Walk Past The Ticket Entrance To Find The Public Viewpoint Entrance – Start walking toward the entrance for ticket holders and right next to it you will see the public footpath entrance which will lead you to the Public Viewpoint area for the stone circle. It is literally next to the ticket entrance that you somehow feel bad for the ticket holders who are seeing you enjoying the same view they have but for free.

4. Walk The Public Footpath – The Footpath alone has you feeling like you are having a VIP experience as there are WAY less people on it and you are getting the same view of Stonehenge as regular ticket holders that you somehow feel bad for ticket holders who are seeing you enjoying the same view they have but for free.

As you can see from the picture below both the Public Footpath & Ticket Footpath in Stonehenge are steps apart.

5. Enjoy – Now its time to enjoy one the world’s most famous and mysterious prehistoric monuments that is this stone circle and don’t forget to take pictures. See the amazing pictures we took from Stonehenge’s Public Viewpoint / Public Footpath without spending a dime.

We used what we would have spent on visiting Stonehenge to treat ourselves to afternoon tea at the iconic The Pump Room in Bath where we got to see the Roman Baths…practically for free!! As it was included with the price of afternoon tea.

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