An Adventure In Liechtenstein – Complete 1 Day Travel Guide

Should I visit Liechtenstein? What is Liechtenstein known for? Will it be worth my while?

I hate to admit this, but as an avid world traveler, I tend to be more selective of where to go on vacation. Questions like the ones above are only some I ask when selecting my next vacation destination, especially with small countries.

My reservations with small countries is that they may just be smaller versions of their neighboring countries and that visiting these just to add another country may not be worth my time. Liechtenstein, proved otherwise and I am glad it did.

Snuggled between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the world and thanks to taking a chance on this small country, I can now attest for myself that Liechtenstein is full of culture, unique traditions and has plenty of things to do to fill a weekend trip all year round. Visitors will be thoroughly impressed while visiting Liechtenstein and I myself can’t wait to return to discover and explore what more this little nook of the world has to offer in the winter months.

Have a look at my 1-day trip itinerary to build your own visit to Liechtenstein with what to see, how best to get there using QEEQ and where to eat to maximize your vacation here.

Special thanks goes to The Liechtenstein Center for helping and sharing insight prior to my trip including what special events were happening the day of my visit and walk trails to explore the Alps.

1 Day
Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the world.
The smallest country in the world that borders more than one other country; Austria & Switzerland.
They too are landlocked making Liechtenstein double landlocked. The only other country in this
category is Uzbekistan.
With an area of only 62 square miles, it’s nearly eight times smaller than the city of Los Angeles.
Their per capita GDP is the second highest in the world making it rather wealthy.
Known for its medieval castles and alpine landscapes.
(Route : Zurich to Liechtenstein)
Visit Tourism Office
Hike to Vaduz Castle
Wine Tasting at The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery
Lunch at New Castle
Explore the National Museum & Postal Museum
Experience the yearly autumn tradition of bringing down
the cattle
Ride the Malbun Mountain Railways up to Sareis
Sunset dinner at Wirthschaft zum Löwen
Girl Takes Mundo Day Trip Itinerary
New Castle- Daily lunch specials
offering a mix of local cuisine
including veg dishes
Dammel Kaffee – The coffee spot
for a coffee snob
Wirthschaft zum Löwen –
Family owned spot outside of
the capital. Try their Kasknopfle
Tourist Information Center – Site where you can purchase your Adventure Pass , personalized
postage stamps, and get your passport stamped.
Vaduz Castle – An easy 30 minute hike to the stunning royal castle with views of the Rhine valley
and city.
The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery – Sample some of the most top rated wines in the country. (Free
with Adventure Pass)
National Museum – Wonderful exhibit that highlights the history, culture and people of
Liechtenstein. (Free with Adventure Pass)
Liechtenstein Postal Museum – Famous for their stamps and all things post office. (Free entrance +
gift with Adventure Pass)
Bringing Down The Cattle – In this yearly autumn tradition a small procession of cows are led
through the villages with colorful flower head-dresses and bells after spending the summer grazing
in the alps.
Bergbahnen Malbun AG – This chairlift connects Malbun with the Sareisjoch mountain and
transports people up to one of the most gorgeous spots in Liechtenstein. (Free with Adventure Pass)
Tips: Liechtenstein is so small that most can be seen within a day (2 days if you really want to dig
If doing a day trip, be sure to arrive early and consider having your own car to ensure you can
move around more quickly.
Zurich in Switzerland is only a 1 hour drive each way to Liechtenstein and the closest airport to
the country.
Arrive at the Tourist Information Center when they open at 9am to maximize the use of your 1
day Adventure Pass (2 day passes are also available.) which offers access to the countries main
attractions and highly recommended. Click HERE to see all the offers included.
The Tourist Information Center is the only place in the city where you can get your souvenir
passport stamp. (Free with your Adventure Pass.)
Liechtenstein stamps are highly acclaimed. To send a postcard from Liechtenstein, postcards can be
purchased anywhere in the city but the best stamps in my personal opinion come from the
tourist information center as you can make your own.
A lot of attractions are closed on Sunday or close early on Saturday such as Dammel Kaffee (Free
coffee with your Adventure Pass) so plan accordingly.
If you are not staying in Liechtenstein which can be quite expensive the best place to stay in is
Switzerland and visit 2 countries while you are in the area. (See my Switzerland weekend guide
TRIP COSTS: £121.00* ($154.09 USD)
Meals – £72.50
Adventure Pass – £21 (1-Day)
Postcards & Stamps – £20
Souvenirs – £7.50
*For 1 Person

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