Campervan Tips, Tricks & Essentials

Remember roadtrips? I almost forgot how easy it is to travel with a vehicle especially when the vehicle doubles as a home.

Traveling using a Camper van is by far the best and most cost-efficient way to travel since you travel, cook and sleep using the van and it provides for an adventure in it of itself while doing this.

Wondering where I’ve travelled using a campervan? Check out my most epic road trips using camper vans below:

Plan your own campervan adventure using this guide with the best tips and tricks to travel like a pro.

Campervan Tips
  • Plan meals ahead of the trip & create shopping list to ensure you don’t over shop (Also, shop only for the first meals of your trip so that perishable items are fresh.)
  • Similar to above, plan outfits to ensure you don’t over pack & bring a coat for chilly evenings.
  • There are many camper van companies so do your research, read reviews and shop around on prices and van styles. In Iceland my friend and I chose a basic camper van from Happy Camper and while it did the job, we both agreed that if a male was traveling in the basic camper van, they would certainly be quite snug.
  • Read any information the camper van company provides and ask plenty of questions about how to use the van properly.
  • Practice doing tasks like starting the grill stove, pulling out the bed, heat and lighting in front of a staff member to ensure you are doing this correctly. This would have certainly helped me and a friend when our battery died and we lost heat because we missed the part about not covering the air vent for the heater. Doh!
  • If traveling in a camper van during the winter months, ensure you keep the water container as full as possible and try to preserve your water for cooking and drinking. Use the sinks from the campsites to wash dishes which is what wastes the most water from the water container. During the winter months many of the hose used for refilling your container freeze which means it could be days before you have a chance to refill. But don’t be too scared, you can easily purchase bottled water at the various gas stations should you find yourself needing to.
Campervan Driving

Driving as I mention is the best way to see a country. Coach bus tours can only help so much and most tours begin near big cities meaning you are limited on what you can see or do in more remote locations during your trip.

Ensure you practice caution while driving by following the below tips for a truly enjoyable journey.

  • If traveling during the winter months, ensure you check road conditions for up to date reports on snowstorms, blizzards etc. and take the advisory warnings seriously. Remember that traveling in a foreign country can translate to language barriers and limited access to road side assistance especially if you are in rural locations.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with wind maps and what road signs mean. Planning your driving based on wind maps is very useful since driving in anything above 30% mph means you will have to drive quite slowly to ensure your campervan does not tip over. If you do find yourself driving with high winds know that it is doable but one must travel very slow and cautious.
  • See more driving tips in the picture below.


Campervan Companies


  • Goboony – The easiest way to book your ultimate campervan holiday. Click HERE for an exclusive 20 GBP travel credit on your first motorhome trip.

USA / Canada

  • Escape Campervans – Largest campervan rental company in North America, with 12 convenient depot locations in the US and Canada.


  • CampingCar Online – International Campervan and motorhome rental with country guides and preparing for your trip based off destination.

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