If At First You Don’t Succeed…Visit Again And Again. #SalzburgEdition

EBFD6CF5-5930-47A2-9810-4F89A869715ASince I’ve been fortunate to be working as a contractor for Red Bull Global, I have had the opportunity to visit its headquarters in Salzburg, Austria 4 times since beginning my contract in September, 2018.

But as mentioned in a previous post titled, All Work & No Play Make Girl Takes Mundo A Dull Girl. #PortugalEdition”, playing tourist in Salzburg while working has proven even more difficult than in Portugal even after my 4th visit here. Visiting Salzburg for work means work. The running joke I have with other colleagues is that I am now an expert on all things in Salzburg related to the airport, Red Bull offices, hotels in the city and where to eat around these hotels.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t been able to see and explore Salzburg after the various visits but it’s certainly nice to not experience traveler FOMO knowing that you will be able to return to a city and that with every visit, you have the opportunity to see a little bit more.

Salzburg is certainly beautiful and still picturesque as it was in the popular film, “Sound of Music” which has helped make Salzburg one of the top cities to visit in Austria after Vienna. (Being the birthplace of Amadeus Mozart certainly helps as well.) Many years after the release of this film, the film continues to be a big tourist driver and it’s not hard to catch the various tours available to see the locations in Salzburg where the movie was filmed. (Admittedly, I just saw the movie for the first time after my 2nd visit to Salzburg and to be completely honest, I am glad I waited to see the film so that I could truly appreciate the city itself and not because of a film.)

And so, after my 4th visit to Salzburg I finally feel comfortable to share what I have seen, done and ate at which I think are worth exploring if you find yourself here once, twice or even more times.

If you’ve visited Salzburg as a tourist or you’re a local and have any more recommendations of must see places to visit, eat or drink; share in the comments section as I’m adding to my list for my next visit and always take traveler/local recommendations very seriously. Danke Schön!

Getting Around

Cabs – Cabs are everywhere in Salzburg but cash is king when it comes to cabs as many don’t have credit card readers and uber isn’t available. If using cabs to get around the city ensure you take enough cash from a cash machine for a couple of trips as cash machines are also hard to find in Salzburg.

MyTaxi – While Uber does not operate in the city of Salzburg, you can get around the city without cash by using MyTaxi since this car service app does operate in Salzburg. (Note: It isn’t as user friendly and wait times may be longer based on where in Salzburg you are compared to Uber but it gets the job done ESPECIALLY for a girl like myself who never carries cash.)

Need to download MyTaxi? Use my £5 promo code to save on your first trip: “chris.dav4”. Download the app HERE and enter the promo code to redeem.

Bus – There are many bus routes in Salzburg making bus’s a great option to get around the city. Single ride tickets are 1.90 euro ($2.15 USD) and a 24-hour day pass is 3.80 euro ($4.30 USD). Big plus is that tickets may also be purchased online in the Salzburg Verkehr site/app.


German is the language spoken in Austria but many people (within a certain age range) should be able to speak to you in English. Regardless, still have the basics under your belt to at least show you’ve made some effort to speak to them in their spoken language.

Basic Phrases

Hello! Hallo
Good day! Guten Tag
Yes Ja
No Nien
Thank you Danke
Thank you very much Danke Schön
I don’t speak German Ich Weiss nicht Deutsch Sprechen

Where To Stay

  • Hotel Stein – Chic boutique hotel along the Salzach River with a beautiful rooftop.
  • Imlauer Hotel Pitter – Beautiful hotel close to Mirabell Palace offering a gym with city views, sauna and where Imlauer Sky restaurant may be found.

Where & What To Eat

  • The Green Garden – A very well-known vegetarian restaurant in Salzburg and I certainly can see why. Definitely recommended regardless if you are vegetarian or not. Recommend the lavander prosecco and buddha bowl.
  • Sacher Café – Home to the original Sacher torte aka the chocolate cake created for Prince Wenzel. Often imitated but they all fall short to the original which can be found in Vienna and now in Salzburg too.
  • Cup & Cino – Lovely for breakfast.
  • Die Cabreras – Authentic Mexican food and a fav while I am in Salzburg.
  • Imlauer Sky – A great place for a fancy dinner.
  • Afro Café – Great coffee house chain found throughout Salzburg.
  • The Heart of Joy – Delicious place for a healthy and wholesome breakfast.
  • L’Osteria Salzburg – Italian anyone?
  • Die Weinstube – For authentic Austrian cuisine, this is the place to go. Many recommend the Milano Schnitzel. 
  • Kombu – A Japanese fusion eatery with tasty sushi. 
  • Pescheria Backi – Their ever-changing set seafood menu is based off course numbers and while you may not know what is going to be sent out (or at least my colleague and I didn’t) it absolutely didn’t disappoint.
  • My Indigo – A healthy alternative from the meat heavy Austrian cuisine.
  • Coffee-House – Fabulous place for coffee, cakes and a friendly staff. (Certainly can see myself spending hours here if I had the chance.)

Where I Went

  • Mirabell Palace & Mirabellgarten – The historical palace and gardens surrounding the palace are ones not to miss.
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg – An 11th century fortress built on top of a hill in the city. (Note: I haven’t personally been inside but it’s a beautiful backdrop to the city every time I’m visiting.)
  • Salzburg Cathedral – Baroque-style 17th century cathedral.
  • Residenz Palace / Residenzplatz – Formerly where the prince archbishops held court and now a 180-room museum that doubles up as an event space.
  • Getreidegasse – This is where the most famous and historical streets in Salzburg can be found and doubles up as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and the section of town where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.
  • Mozart’s Birthplace – His home, now turned museum and open to the public. (Note: I haven’t entered the building itself but have passed quite a bit of times while in Salzburg.)
  • Hanger-7 – This iconic building is home to the Flying Bulls collection display. Additionally, it hosts events such as Red Bull Paper Wings World Finals (Shameless plug as I was in Salzburg in May working this event.) and where Michelin rated restaurants and bars can be found.
  • Stiegl – Brauwelt – The Stiegl brewery and pub offering brew history with a side of Austrian cuisine.
  • Augustiner bräu – Austria’s largest beer inn comes with a gorgeous garden and still keeps with tradition having your beer poured into stone made pitchers from beer filled wood barrels.
  • Gaisberg – Scenic mountain offering beautiful views over the city and visited by many locals and tourists alike.
  • Dwarf Gnome Park – Next to Mirabell Palace you will find this quirky Gnome park of locals carved out into dwarf form and scattered throughout this park.
  • Horse Bath – This is the largest of Salzburg’s surviving medieval horse baths. As its name suggests this was a horse bath used during the middle ages. Now it’s a beautiful place for a “I came to Salzburg” picture which I unfortunately still don’t have…yet.
  • Red Bull Headquarters in Fuschlsee – Its quite the sight and the little village next to the office is quite a charming one.
  • Lake Wolfgangsee – One of the best-known lakes in the Salzkammergut resort region and personally one of my top favorite sites to take in the beauty of Austria.


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