She’s Back!

For any lover of travel especially one who decided to give up their former life to pursue their dream of traveling the world full time, it’s hard to swallow the fact that one must put the backpack away, stop their gallivanting of seeing all the corners of the world and seal the deal by handing over their passport.

My Girl Takes Mundo travels ended back in September 2018 not because I ran out of money nor because I got tired of traveling. Quite the contrary. I finally had accepted that in order to begin to lay the foundation to the next chapter in my life I had to do what no traveling nomad wants to do; return home and get their travel wings clipped for what I was told would be only 8-12 weeks by the UK Visa and Immigration Department as I was hoping to relocate to England.

Fast forward 6 months since my return to Chicago and I’m still living in a limbo as I wait on a decision by the UK Visa and Immigration Department who as of this week have given themselves another 3 weeks to “possibly” decide on what will happen with my life. I’ve cried, I’ve broken down, I’ve had to give up big pieces of my former life and still I wait.

To add insult to injury, back in September I was given the fantastic opportunity to return to Red Bull as a contractor and work on various global projects, some requiring international travel beginning in January of this year and travel that I committed to when I accepted the role in September believing that acquiring my Visa would only take 8-12 weeks.

So how does Girl Takes Mundo return to her travels you ask? My answer came in an unlikely hero at the final hour to help me fulfill my work commitments abroad. The United States Department of State, also known as the department that issues American citizens that little blue book issued me what they call, a “Second Valid U.S. Passport” which in my case, I can use to travel for work. (Learn more about a Second Valid Passport here.)

While my next chapter is in the hands of the UK Visa and Immigration Department, Girl Takes Mundo returns to the only world she knows of; living out of a bag, meeting new people and calling different cities home but with a twist since I return to my travels as a working traveling nomad.

My second valid passport doesn’t fix my next chapter in life, but it does return my travel wings back. #Freedom. Let the work travel begin!!!

Take a peep on my work tour and the countries I will visit during the next 6 weeks below.

EnglandFebruary & March
AustriaFebruary & March

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