3 Magic Words…Second Valid Passport

Any traveling nomad will agree that the best book you could have in your possession is your passport. In a strange way, this simple book represents freedom and a life you love. But what happens when you have to give up the best book for a traveler?

Back in October, I had to relinquish my passport as one of the requirements to apply for a settlement Visa for the UK is handing over your passport. The website states the process takes 8-12 weeks so in my case, this translated to being forced to end the full-time adventures of Girl Takes Mundo and return home while my application was processed.

Fast forward 12 weeks and I began to receive messages delaying when a decision to my application would be made. Worse yet, my prior travel work commitments where around the corner and I had no way to fulfill these commitments given my lack of having said book.

Consider it my unnerving determination on not backing down from a challenge, my coming with a solution not a problem mentality that I discovered that given my circumstances I was able to qualify for a Second Valid Passport by the United States Department of State, also known as the department that issues American citizens that little blue book.

I now had the ability to fulfill my work commitments in other countries.

Get the 411 on a U.S. Second Valid Passport below.

  • Learn everything you need to know about a Second Valid Passport here. ( An I would make in this article is that my Second Valid Passport was issued for 4 years.)

What to keep in mind when applying for a Second Valid Passport:

  • You must fill out a DS11 application and any items required for this application such as photos and identification
  • Your application should include a letter of intent explaining why you require this Second Valid Passport with a signature

If you require your Second Valid Travel within 2 weeks:

  • You must have a confirmed travel booking happening within in the next 2 weeks
  • You must schedule an appointment at a passport agency for same day issue
  • You will have to pay for expedited fees

See below what limitations and the new travel process for an owner of a Second Valid Passport.

As a seasoned traveler, I am consistently surprised but never shocked when I find myself continuing to learn about traveling. Most importantly, I am glad that I have an outlet where I can continue to educate people through my own learned lessons.

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