Girl Takes Mundo…To Be Continued

And She’s back at it!DF156B24-E9F3-453E-BFAD-8BDC7558D5E2

Call me a predictable traveling nomad but I’ve decided to extend my original 6 month Girl takes Mundo journey and explore the world more. While it’s true that I covered so much in 6 months visiting Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Canada, Central and South America there is still so much to explore and I’ve discovered I’m a little vagabond who can’t be stopped. (Trust when I say my family’s “Get Chris Back” campaign was in effect even before the completion of my first original trip.)

I actually made this decision shortly after beginning the first leg of my original Girl Takes Mundo adventure when I decided I would travel until A) I got tired of it or B) I ran out of money. Thankfully for me, A hasn’t happened and more importantly neither has B so this crazy, unpredictable, beautiful journey continues. This time on super charge as the plan this time around is that no real plan is in place unlike when I started this journey back in May of 2017. I spent 6 months alone planning my trip including cities I wanted to visit, things I wanted to do, dates I wanted to be there and even the hostels I wanted to stay at. Admittedly, that was what the old version of me did when planning travel since I was only given 15 days in corporate America so I’m not surprised that it took some time to have these old ways of traveling out of my system.

So here we are, with a vague constantly changing “plan” if that’s what we want to call the chicken scratch of notes I’ve loosely put together in my phone since this journey begun last week when I landed with a one way ticket to Cape Town. Thankfully for my family I now know at least the cities I want to visit in the next 2 months. Check out my calendar of tour stops here to know for yourself.

(Disclaimer: I can’t say this won’t change since beginning to write this post I’ve added a country, dropped a country and changed the amount of days I’m thinking of staying in two countries. Seems my vagabond ways have really done a 180 with my traveling this time around.)

Wondering what’s on my chicken scratch of notes on my phone? See picture of this “plan” below.


As always, solo travelers aren’t tied to traveling solo. We actually love traveling with people despite what the “solo” of solo traveling would suggest. Having not to resort to selfie sticks for our awesome pictures is a big plus so if you’re looking to travel and see a city in my tour stops or something in my “plan” that catches your eye, I welcome you to join me.

This type of travel is certainly new to me and I’m not sure how old Chris would feel about it. At times I don’t even know how present day Chris feels about it either but at this point everything goes and I’m seriously letting God take the wheel.

DA543824-E5A0-4D70-A115-6B1565A70EC8📝 Side note: Wondering what Stoke Travel is from my chicken scratch plan? Check it out here and in an effort to sway you to join me for this awesome festival vacation experience use my code “GirltakesMundo” when booking for unlimited booze or Stoke gear. I’ll see you there!

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