42 Hour Birthday


If my Girl Takes Mundo adventure wasn’t enough this year, I am also celebrating my longest birthday ever (or at least up until this point). So I know what you are thinking, “Chris a day is only 24 hours so a birthday may only be 24 hours.” I’m here to prove you wrong.

How? The answer is simple. Travel from one of the farthest point where the day starts which in my case was Australia to the opposite farthest point where the day ends which was California for me.

And how long was my birthday this year? Wonderful question! I spent 9 hours and 45 minutes in Sydney, Australia. 13 hours and 45 minutes somewhere in the sky going over the ocean. Followed by 17 hours and 30 minutes in Los Angeles, California. Add that all up for a grand total of 42 whopping birthday hours!

What this journey meant doing this on my birthday:
🎉 My birthday was a whopping 42 hours

🎉 I celebrated my birthday in 2 countries, 2 different continents and in the sky.

🎉 At one point during my birthday I was actually a year younger.

And yes the Leo in me did the longest birthday ever intentionally which was baked into my planning when I started planning for this adventure. This meant there was little to no wiggle room on the date of travel or destination which granted unfortunately did affect my travel plans as I would have ideally have liked to stay a little longer in certain cities before making my way to my friends Bachelorette party 6 days after my birthday but how can you miss the opportunity of the longest birthday you have ever had (for now at least).

All to say, happy birthday to me and thank you to everyone who in some way, shape or form helped me celebrate another year in this beautiful earth 🌏 but a very special shout out to Sonia the hostess with the mostest and her family for making me feel so at home.

Check out all the awesome things I did on my 42 hour birthday.


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