Carry-on… Bag Essentials

While a proper #LifeinaBag is important for traveling when said #LifeinaBag is checked-in or stored away under a bus or luggage cart your carry-on bag and it’s contents become your next best friend.

Since I’m on a long layover in Kaula Lumpur I figured I’d share some of my carry on essentials as well as provide some additional handy tips to make your travel time to your next destination more pleasant.


Cater your bag based off how long your layover is, the potential of delays and short connections that could cause your bag to not arrive at its final destination with you. I tend to carry a light dress or romper and undergarment just in case I foresee this happening. (I blame and thank Air Asia for constantly delaying all my flights in the Philippines for at least 3 hours each and resulting in super short connections for me.)

Additionally don’t forget to consider your current life situation when putting things in. Feeling under the weather? Bring meds. Got a tattoo that needs to be treated so that it may heal successfully? Oh, is that just me? Well I’m carrying band-aids, gauzes and antibiotic ointment from my travel first aid kit for this. You get the drill.

What you wear especially on a flight is also very important. I am notorious of loving to dress up during more “traditional” holiday travel but during this #GirltakesMundo adventure the dress up factor has been thrown out the door and replaced with comfort. The key is knowing the weather where you’re final destination will be but also layering as certain busses, planes or airports tend to sway on the colder side if they have AC. I enjoy wearing long breathable pants which help me walk, sit, lay, etc. into any comfortable position without worrying that anything will show etc. It also helps as you aren’t sure what cultures will be traveling with you and how they feel about extra skin being exposed.

Have tips of your own? Share in the comments section.

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