P.S. Love You More


My personal motto has always been God, family, travel in that order and while travel may seem like is taking precedent, my family is still a priority to me. I can tell they miss me but I can’t tell if they know I miss them more. The smell of someone grilling always reminds me of my dad and I look forward to my moms messages reminding me of the countdown until she sees me again. Seeing people walking their dogs always makes me wish Montana was pulling me down the street even if I look like a little rag doll as she does it. Seeing gramas has me think of how I need my g-ma to catch me up with her shows as she scolds me that I haven’t ate enough. And seeing my sisters families on social media reminds me how much I’m missing out on their lives and wonder if I’m still the “cool aunt”.

On the other hand, at times I do feel guilty and selfish that I’m out here as this trip is just about me and being Latin your life is heavily centered around family. I do hope my family see the efforts I’ve made to ensure they are reminded while I’m gone how much I LOVE them. Only my family has received a picture of my face to show I’m alive everyday since the day that I started this adventure. Sending postcards of every country I visit has proven more difficult in some countries then others but I do it for them and thanks to some pre-planning I did before my adventure started and the help of a not so little helper, special packages during big moments while I’m gone are being mailed to them.

All in all to say, family stop sending me pictures of your food. I promise I’ll be back in September but until then you’re seriously just killing me seeing all of your yummy home cooked meals and then secretly dreading how much I’ll have to workout to balance out the calories consumed during that month. 😂😉

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