You’ve Got Mail

While traveling and hoping from city to city during holiday the idea of getting snail mail isn’t quite possible but when your niece insists in sending you mail it’s nice that digital communication is able to help you receive such important mail/messages like this and make your day even when it makes you miss your loved ones back home.

To My Niece:

Thank you for loving me, showing me that you’re thinking of me just like I’m thinking of your cousins and you and most importantly for the amazing leads during my trip to Ireland. I hope the teacher gave you an A+ on your Ireland report because I can confirm that everything in your letter to me is true especially the sheep. I’m not surprised, you are very smart. Also, don’t worry my sweetie, Tia is eating healthy.

Love you more, Tia Chris”

IMG_2331Wondering why she wanted to snail mail me her letter?

I send my nieces and nephews postcards from every country I visit with messages just for them. Kids love feeling important and getting mail sent to them just like their parents do. What they don’t know is that adult mail isn’t fun at all but theirs could be and they like the pictures to help them visualize where you were. Post cards are also perfect “souvenirs” especially when traveling for a long time as your limited with what you can carry in your #LifeinaBag. Additionally, you can not only personalize your postcard but can also get an awesome stamp from the country and get it timed-stamped with the date you visited.

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