Things I Wish I Had Right Now…

IMG_0165Monday, June 19 marks one month (4 weeks) of my #GirltakesMundo adventure. I’m glad to report that I’m doing great and loving every day I’m out here. I also can’t believe how much I’ve done, experienced and people I’ve met in just one short month. While all is good to report I must admit their are some things I wish I had at this point in my trip.

Things I wish I had right now…

  • Skin rejuvenating facial💆🏾- Your face really takes a beating with extra sun, temperature changes, pollution levels etc. and even if you bring your whole skin routine which my #lifeinabag won’t allow you will still notice your travels in your face.
  • 🇵🇷 🍚 – You can find tacos or Mexican restaurants surprisingly but Puerto Rican rice. Ha, Fat chance!
  • Soul Cycle Class 🚲 – Gyms and other fitness activities will do the job while traveling but taping back at a Soul Cycle class sure is my favorite.
  • Foundation that actually matches my face 💁🏽 – If you travel to sunnier places then where and when you started your trip just by walking and taking in tours, sights etc. you will be sure to tan especially in the face. When traveling for longer periods of times it’s hard to predict what color you will be from week to week sadly.
  • Montana 🐼 in my bed – blessed are those who can travel with their 4-legged children. What I wouldn’t give right now to go to bed or wake up with Montana under my covers and hogging up the whole bed. Even the hogging of the bed part.
  • Mom’s “pollo en crema” AKA “🍗 in cream” dish – You can’t get your favorite mom cooked meals if your mom isn’t with you. Point blank said captain obvious.

If you are feeling inclined to help with any please be my guest. (And only slightly joking here.)

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