Listen To Your Body

IMG_1169Let’s chat health and fitness while traveling. No one really wants to hear those words looped together but maintaining a healthy routine in order to keep your figure and stay healthy is very necessary especially while traveling. I should know.

To provide some background on me, I’m not a fitness junkie, super healthy eater or have one of those awesome don’t do anything but still have a fit body like you see in social media. I’m a Latina and that comes with some curves that need to be controlled. I love food, dessert is my weakness (often eaten as meals or boxing food to ensure space is left for dessert), and I’m 4’11’ (149 cm) so any weight I pack shows faster than taller people. Did anyone say Umpa lumpa? Thus I believe in balance. Put in work to counteract the bad habits.

Prior to my #GirltakesMundo adventure whenever I went on vacation I always seemed to lose weight as I love walking and always opt to walk then use other forms of transportation whenever possible. I figure since I don’t walk much back home the daily walks help balance out my food intake and lack of workouts while on vacation. So during this trip I thought I would be dropping the weight like it was hot since my daily walks during this current trip are averaging 6 miles a day with the maximum of 12 miles a day.

Despite all this walking, 3 weeks into my #GirltakesMundo trip I started to feel the opposite of how I thought I would. I felt bloated, more cushiony in my mid section and all around not comfortable in my skin. As I reflect I made some obvious mistakes in my trip in the first 3 weeks including drinking beer (I rarely drink beer back home but I figured since it’s cheaper why not.), eating after a night out (a habit I eliminated back in April), drinking less water (back home I was averaging a minimum of half a gallon a day) and eating more carbs and not enough veggies.

In an effort to feel good in said skin, create balance and why not, leverage all this walking to improve myself during this #GirltakesMundo adventure I have started to implement some things to help. See below.

Breakfast – They do say it’s the most important meal of the day after all. Back home I never had time for breakfast but now that I do and can’t be consistent with workouts as I was at home, breakfast helps maintain my metabolism. Additionally having breakfast helps make you not get so hungry while checking out sites and being more prone to eating junk food. My breakfast usually consists of a fruit and yogurt or orange juice. Average cost for this is $1.50 euros ($1.67 dollars).

Salad A Day – I’ve started to incorporate eating one salad a day to help ensure I’m eating veggies and green stuff. I’ve also been notorious of getting green juices as long as they incorporate more veggies than fruit when I rather drink my salad.

Vegetarian Meal – Eating less meat is never a bad thing so making at least one of my meals vegetarian helps with this. (UPDATE: Since this post, I have actually gone vegetarian and incorporating more plant based meals into my day to day diet.)

Limit Sweets Intake – Easier said then done but feeling guilty after eating too much or what I know isn’t doing me any good gives me self control. Sometimes I cave and sometimes I just treat myself and will be more mindful of what I eat for the remainder of the day or the next.

Limit Carb Intake – Some carbs are good and they give you the energy to burn calories but you just have to be more mindful of the type of carb and how much of the bad carbs you eat.

No Beer – Instead of going for the cheaper beer option I’m sticking to ordering liquor such as vodka water, wine or champagne which has less calories. This helps as beer tends to bloat you more and creates that beer belly I don’t desire. (Only place I foresee myself breaking this is in Ireland when I check out the Guinness brewery.)

225C22C1-079D-49B3-A5D9-690E4E2B5191Gym Sessions – Goal is hitting a gym at least once a week and incorporating weight training during these sessions. Many gyms will allow you to workout for a day fee and it’s truly a small price to pay for your health. I’ve paid any where around $6-$11 for a gym day pass during this trip thus far.

Going to a park or training in your room is also a great option. Apps like the “Nike Training” app provides tons of workouts which you can filter based off time, equipment and intensity. Apps like this have really changed the game on how I tackle travelling and staying fit.

Fingers crossed this helps this Latina continue to control and  improve her curves during this #GirltakesMundo adventure. Have your own stay fit tips? Share them in the comments below.

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