Lesson In Preparing For Your First Backpacker Trip


All backpacker blogs and sites will advise you to practice carrying your backpack full and walking around your home or neighborhood, city etc. before your backpacking trip to get use to the weight on your back. I am here to tell you that it’s a MUST!!! I’ll say it again, “IT’S A MUST!!!”

Apparently, I thought my travel “experience”, exercise routine and the fact that I like to carry my 63 Lbs (28.5 kg) 4-legged child, Montana would have me prepared to carry my #LifeinaBag… (proof is in the pudding below) Boy was I wrong.


Carrying this #LifeinaBag has put a lot of stress in my back. Enough that on my first day of my #GirltakesMundo trip as I settled in the hostel in Sofia Bulgaria I could feel my back pulsating and in pain. I’m almost 2 weeks into this trip and I’m still trying to get use to my backpack.

So with that said, do yourself a favor and even though I’m not here to tell you to pack in advance (which you should do regardless) definitely practice carrying your bag full before your journey even if it means throwing things in for weight. Trust, your back and you will thank me.

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